Falling into Autumn with Evans.

November?! Sorry where are we again?! I feel like I’ve blinked since my last blog post? A whole month?! I’m not going to lie, this blog break was completely unintentional, but with a second lockdown things haven’t been easy. But I think we’ll save that for another post!

Today I want to talk to you about fashion! Yes clothes! It’s been a while since I’ve written about that hasn’t it?! But let’s be honest we’ve all been living in PJ’s and loungewear again haven’t we? For clarity all items in this post are PR Samples and all links are affiliate links. So what am I here to talk about exactly? Autumn/Winter wear! But with fast fashion not slowing down as quickly as it should be, I decided for this collaboration with Evans I wanted to pick pieces that are timeless and that can be worn almost all year round! Ones that can be worn year after year and dressed up or down. I think we can all do our best to be a little more conscious when it comes to clothing.

First up this gorgeous coat, an Autumn essential in my eyes. Do you know it’s the first time I’ve actually owned a proper coat?! Every year I go for the pretty coats, the impractical coats, but as a mum who loves a good walk and hike up the mountain I thought this year it’s time to change. Let’s get the sensible coat! The practical coat! So here it is! Padded but not too heavy, warm but breathable and the loveliest details. Pockets for snacks (not just for little ones!) and a gorgeous faux fur hood for a touch of glam. This can also be removed if it’s not your cup of tea! It’s comfortable and a coat that’s perfect for year after year. It’s available in a size 14-32 and is available in this classic Khaki colour or a lovely Navy colour. It’s an essential in my eyes and my welly walks wouldn’t be complete without it!

As you can see from the above photo this was one that was taken a while back…Yes I am the terrible blogger who takes at least a month to write but what can I say better late than never right?! Okay so this dress! I love this dress! As you can see above for this photo I paired it with chunky sandals, a gorgeous dress for Spring/Summer but also an amazing dress for Autumn/Winter. Pop on a leather look jacket, a pair of chunky boots and some warm thermals underneath and there you have it! Autumn style kept simple! This dress has a lovely stretch to it so is really comfortable and I love the frill hem detail and length. It’s really gorgeous and is available from a size 14-32 again. I wear all of these items today in this blog in my usual size which is an 18. I always find Evans pieces really true to size. And as you can see this is a great piece for all year round and again, in my eyes anyway, timeless!

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful heart print shirt. As you can see above you can style it in so many ways and is good for so many occasions, the office or the park or for dinner out (when we’re allowed) The material on this shirt is so lightweight and it’s really roomy with no pull on the bust which can sometimes be a struggle for us Fuller busted babes. I love the print and the colour and again it’s a piece that’s great for all year round, it’d even be lovely opened up on a summer evening with a vest top underneath. But for now it’s perfect with a pair of jeans and a pair of boots! It’s available from a size 14-32 and is another piece that’s perfect for a capsule wardrobe!

So there we have it! There’s three gorgeous pieces from Evans clothing that are great for all year round, year after year. As always I’ve popped all the links below for you, and I promise I won’t leave it so long until my next blog post. Just sometimes life gets in the way doesn’t it? Anyway I hope you’re all keeping safe in lockdown two and tell me, what’s your Autumn essential?

Evans Khaki Coat

Evans Midi Frill Dress

Evans Heart Print Shirt

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