Have you heard? The countdown is on, to what you may ask? The Curve Fashion Festival of course.

It may only be September but I already know what I’m excited for this Autumn/Winter. No not just pumpkin spiced lattes and no not even Christmas (not quite yet anyway!).

I’m starting to get a little excited about The Curve Fashion Festival. For anyone that’s never heard of it, it’s a plus size fashion festival which takes place once a year, designed for ladies of all shapes and sizes from a size 14 up. Have I got your attention?

I’ve been to many fashion festivals and catwalk shows over the years due to my passion for the design industry, but my main issue? I never felt like I really fitted in? The clothes on sale would always go up to a size 12/14 max and the models all looked liked they’d walked out of Vogue, which I’m not slating at all – they were all absolutely gorgeous! But not being able to relate, not being able to imagine how you’d look in those clothes or that my body probably didn’t even fit in those clothes, it was more than a little disappointing. Was a little diversity too much to ask for?

So do you get why I’m so excited to go this year? I only actually found out what The Curve Fashion Fest was last year and it was just a few weeks before the event. I saw so many influencers and bloggers on social media rave about how amazing it was going to be, and after catching up on social media from home, I really got the feeling it was something amazing. Everyone who was posting from the day seemed so positive, having so much fun! Last year I wasn’t prepared, after realising how much of a journey it was from Somerset to Liverpool I gave it a miss. But this year? I’m well prepared. I’ve got my VIP ticket and I’m off!

This year with a change of location it sounds like it’s going to be bigger and better than ever! St George’s Hall, Liverpool. It will be filled with a huge market hall full of all your favourite, major and independent plus size brands, a beauty hub for a cheeky pamper and a spot of beauty shopping, a catwalk that is filled with on trend up coming fashion. And did I forget to mention? So many plus sized ladies all under one roof, including a few famous faces and truly inspirational women.

Catwalk image from Curve Fashion Fest 2017.

This year Debenhams are a part of the sponsorship team and have just a few really exciting plans happening over the day. Including launching their new lingerie collection, showing off their plus size range on the catwalk and having one of their designers talking on the How To Stage. Literally ladies, you all know how much I love a good set of undies so I’m far too excited for this part of the day! Have you checked out their plus size range? I’ve linked it below if you haven’t already seen, as I’d be lying if I didn’t say it, I had no idea about it until recently either!

Debenhams Plus size range.

So have you got your ticket yet? Unfortunately all VIP tickets have sold out! However standard tickets are available and are selling fast so what are you waiting for? Worried about going solo? Don’t be! I’ve booked my ticket and I’m going on my own, I’m going to meet up with some mega babes throughout the day but I get the feeling from what I’ve heard, there’s such a massive sense of community and so much to see and do, that you won’t fall short of good company.

The countdown? Not long ladies! Save the date 17/11/18. If you want to grab a ticket I’ll link you up to the site below. Have you been to The Curve Fashion Festival? Or is it your first time this year? Let me know in the comments! X

The Curve Fashion Festival.

Re-discovering Evans Clothing.

Okay so I’m starting things off by going back to the beginning, why did I start writing this blog? To talk about bras, fashion and the ups and downs of general life. So one of the three? Fashion. I love fashion, I love clothes. I, like most people, wear clothes every day, and for me what I wear is a way to express my personality. And in all honesty, I just love a bit of shopping, discovering hidden gems, and when I find a hidden gem I like to share it. Although this gem wasn’t very hidden.

Evans, I’ve been aware of Evans clothing for years and I’m not going to lie, it was a brand my nanny and my mum shopped at when I was growing up. It was a brand that in the past I, regrettably, have over looked.

But over the last year, (to my surprise) I’ve noticed a lot of influencers and bloggers collaborating with them and I’d taken note how much their style had changed. I browsed online and realised they still did the basics, the flattering styles, the plus size section so many of us know and love, but also they’d upped their trend game to the max. They also have a massive range of on trend, fashionable styles that not only fitted the bigger body but broke the fashion rules. Stripes, prints, pretty cuts, bold colours, they had it all and I was sold. Not just clothes – fashion baby.

So when I received an email off them asking if they could gift me some items I was over the moon. I had no idea what the fit was going to be like or how the sizing was or even the quality, so I said I’d love to give them a try! And I can say I have not been disappointed.

All the items I’ve received have been true to size, have fitted like a dream, and have such a high quality feel. I’ve loved styling up some outfits and I have really loved experimenting with bold colours and prints.

Evans, do affordable fashion in sizes 14-32. And they also do footwear from a 4EEE to a 10EEE, which is perfect for me as a size 7 – I have wide feet and sometimes really struggle in high street stores. All the items I’ve received have been perfect for summer and I’ve loved feeling confident and sassy in all of the beautiful garments.

Also I must add! If you’re a magpie when it comes to tassels, just head over to their accessories section. The earrings are a must have in my books!

I received my items in a size 18 and the shoes in a size 7EEE. My favourite pieces from them are the simplest. The ones that you can style up or down, the ones that you can take from day to night. I’ve shared a couple of my favourite looks and pieces below that are in stock, along with the links if you want to have a peek.

Evans floral off the shoulder top.Shoes and earrings are no longer in stock. The top is Evans but is currently sold out but the earrings link is – Evans modern tassel earrings.Evans fit and flare floral dress.

As we transition into Autumn/Winter over the next few weeks and months I’ll be sharing with you over on instagram how some of these pieces will still be incorporated into my wardrobe as part of day to day. I will also be sharing some of my own cheeky purchases from them as I have my eye on some statement items that I can’t wait to style up! Evans are now certainly one of the brands on my go to list for plus size fashion.

If you have any outfits from Evans that you want to share just upload a photo to Instagram, tag Evans and use #IAmMe for a chance to be featured in their customer gallery. Or if your looking for some style inspiration head over to the gallery for a browse, you might just spot some mega babes you recognise! XEvans #IAmMe Gallery.

Feeling Victorious in Victory! #MyBodyVictory with Curvy Kate.

I feel like it’s been a little while since I’ve written an underwear review, so I thought I’d take five minutes to write about my new favourite set from the babes at Curvy Kate. The Victory set.

I saw this set a little while ago in black and nude and fell in love but when I saw it launch in the wine colour it was beautiful, classy, and a winner in my books.

For me underwear doesn’t always have to be about the frills and the laces and the bold patterns. Sometimes you just need a set that is well structured, with some key cuts and features that really stand out. I received mine in a 36H and the briefs in a size 18. This set is definitely true to size with no over spills and no digging in. Even with the front triangle cut out detail it is still really comfortable.

The sheerness of it really makes it for me. The lightweight tulle is wonderful, and although a little see through, feels really lovely against your skin. This set is completely different from any set that I’ve tried before from Curvy Kate, but I really do love it. The wine colour is gorgeous for the transition to Autumn/Winter although we don’t want to talk about that yet do we!

The bra runs from a size 30D to a 44G and briefs from a size 8-24. However I’ve looked online and as a couple of colours are in the sale some of the sizes are sold out, so try and grab yours whilst you can!

I was kindly sent this set by the lovelies at Curvy Kate as part of their #MyBodyVictory campaign which encourages all women to share and embrace their body and all our body victories! And along the way you can be in for the chance to win a fab prize of three Victory sets and some other goodies! So all you have to do is say my body is great because… and use the hashtag #MyBodyVictory! Simple!

So mine? My body is great because it has done some incredible things for me, it’s got me through the best times, some tough times, it’s allowed me to run, to grow a child, to become uniquely me. Every curve, every wobble, every mark, it’s all me! And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

You can simply comment on Curvy Kate’s #MyBodyVictory post sharing your story or create your own via twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Just make sure you use the hashtag! But be quick the competition ends tonight at midnight (29/08/18) so make sure you share your body victory before then!

As always I have linked the set below, and if you order before midnight (29/08/18) you can get 20% off the nude and black set via Curvy Kate! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Curvy Kate and share your body victory today.

Curvy Kate Victory in Wine.

Our experience with the Milky Way.

So first things first, I’m not here to preach to you about how you should or shouldn’t feed your baby. Every baby is different, every mum is different. Breast fed baby or bottle fed baby, a fed baby is a happy baby. But this week I really wanted to share with you my experience with breastfeeding and in particular breastfeeding a baby with Cystic Fibrosis, as it is international breastfeeding week.

Breastfeeding can sometimes be a funny one to discuss. Some people are very open talking about their experience, others can be a little more reserved and that’s fine either way. However I do think that the subject of breastfeeding can be a little taboo still, when really it’s one of the most natural things in this world.

So my experience? I always knew I wanted to breastfeed, not just because of what everyone said about the bonding process but also knowing the amazing health benefits it gave to my little one and the obvious fact – it was free!So when Parker came along I was determined. The nurses were so lovely and so helpful but I struggled, it was exhausting. I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. However after a few days I felt like I was getting there, I thought I’d sort of got the hang of it. But then after more sleepless nights and constant feeding I worried. It was hard and Parker was losing weight. Then when the midwife questioned whether I felt as though I was doing it right, and maybe I should switch to formula. I felt as though I was failing fast. Which was so silly, as now I look back it would not have been a failure to switch at all.

At three weeks old we had the phone call to head to Bristol Children’s Hospital. Parker has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. A life limiting, genetic disease that affects primarily the lungs and digestive system. And it all made sense. Parker’s pancreas is, always has been and always will be blocked with mucus, stopping him from absorbing vital fats, and it clicked. It all made sense. We started him on Creon Micro that day, a pancreatic enzyme that helps him absorb the fat and what a difference. That was the first night I slept for over 3 hours at a time. I had a happy baby, and it was bitter sweet for me. It all made sense but at the same time it was so hard to hear, this tiny baby I’d just had, this perfect baby had a life limiting disease. He wasn’t even a month old. It was hard.

Things have gotten a lot easier. I’ve become stronger, my understanding of CF is greater. I breast fed for about 6 months along side weaning, then I switched to formula. Parker is now just over 3 years old and he is a happy child who loves nothing more than fish and chips on the beach. Although Cystic Fibrosis is a life limiting disease we don’t let it hold him back. I guess what I just wanted to say with this blog is that no matter what you choose to do, that you shouldn’t worry, motherhood is hard. Breastfeeding is such a personal choice and if you feel like you’re struggling just know that there is so much help available. Whether you want to persist or switch to formula. It’s okay. And if you’ve just had the CF diagnosis or any other hurdle in the road to motherhood just know that it’s okay not to be okay. It is hard but there is so much support there for you. A happy mum and a fed baby is a happy baby. Do what’s best for the both of you.

iRelief, thigh relief.

When you’ve heard so many people talk about something so little that has made a massive difference, it’s only so long before you have to give it a try, am I right?

So recently I’d noticed a lot of influencers and bloggers talk about a particular anti-chafe product that was perfect for summer. Perfect for tackling the chub rub and a few other things! They’d sing this products praises and they also gave out cheeky discount codes, you know me – I love a bargain! And so I decided to see what the fuss was all about!

The product? iRelief by iVyverdure. With free delivery, and a discount code off one of the many lovely bloggers I follow, it was ordered! I think it came to just over £11 which was hardly a bank breaker compared to other products I’ve seen previously. It took a few days to come, but when it did I was very quick to try it out. I love wearing shorts, dresses, bikinis, the full works in the summer! But with heat comes sweating, and with that…chafing. When I’ve been running in shorts chafing is something I’ve struggled with massively! I’ve found on hot days it’s really held me back. As well as just day to day in this heat, my thighs are sweaty betties, and I can’t cope with the dreaded sore thighs.

This product contains natural ingredients and is vegan, not that I’d recommend eating it…With sensitive skin and psoriasis struggles, I’ve got to be so careful that I don’t aggravate it. So I tend to avoid products that contain a lot of chemicals.

I’ve been applying Ivyvedure to my thighs a few times a day, rubbing it in and off I go! And I’ve found in this heat it’s really worked. And for running? I’ve just made sure I’ve applied lots before I go and it has helped a treat. The only thing I’ve found with it is that I am getting through mine pretty quickly so if they did a bigger one it would be perfect!

It’s also a great product to use underbust if you suffer from areas that rub, also great for breast feeding mums with chapped nips, and even works on feet for when you get new shoes that tend to rub! (I haven’t tried this yet but definitely will!)

Why am I getting so excited over this product? Because for so long whether I’ve been a size 12 or size 18 I have always got the dreaded chub rub. It stings, it’s uncomfortable and pretty much ruins your day. But no longer will my thighs suffer!

So there you go, there’s my thoughts on the iRelief stick by iVyverdure. All I need now is the sun to come back so I can get my legs out again!

I’ve linked the product below if you’d like to give a try and see what all the fuss is about.

iRelief by iVyverdure

Confessions of an all inclusive mum.

Okay so lets start this blog off with a tiny confession, I’ve never been on an all inclusive family holiday. Ever. I went on a couples one with my husband before little one was born but that was a bit of a disaster, as two weeks before I found out I was pregnant and was advised not go, so there was no drinking and no soaking up the sun! Also my husband got food poisoning so that kind of put a dump on the holiday, quite literally.

So what did I know about the all inclusive life? Nothing really. When we booked through Thomas cook all I can remember seeing was a mini disco every evening and all the gin and olives this mum could only imagine! We wanted to make this holiday special as my husband won the holiday vouchers through hard work in his job, so we invited nanny tan (Mother in law, not only a wonderful woman in our lives, but a top babysitter!)

For us this holiday really was all about our little one Parker and what he wanted. Pirate pool with the slides? Check. Silly inflatables? Check. All of the ice cream? Check.

I’ve heard so many people say they’ve been to Majorca and how beautiful it is but I’d actually never been! I wasn’t let down, the island was stunning and the area in Alcudia we stayed was wonderful. It had the very British pub side to it, or you could head to the old town and experience true Spanish Majorca.

We booked the BQ Alcudia Sun Village through Thomas Cook and it was such good value for money. We stayed in a one bedroom apartment which had a living room that transformed into another bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. What more did we need?

Another confession, I always get a little panic on when staying abroad I’m a little picky about the cleanliness of a hotel/ apartment but this one you could not fault. There were cleaners around the complex 24/7. And they were so polite and friendly. One of them even had the courtesy of popping the sofa bed for us, as for my husband this turned out to be a challenge!

Next confession food. All of the food. Food I’m not going to lie is a biggie for me, it’s got to be good. I am a self confessed foodie. And my goodness, the food. Fresh seafood, Spanish dishes and salads from breakfast right through to dinner. Of course there was also your children’s favourites of nuggets and chips throughout the day so there was plenty of choice. But Parker tried so many new things, and I ate fish three times a day! The waiters, chefs and bar staff were also so lovely, nothing was too much trouble, from colouring for children to cooking fresh food in front of you. There was even one waiter in particular who was amazing with children, giving them high fives and just in general keeping them entertained!

Talking about entertainment, the daytime and the evening, it was my guilty pleasure, it was brilliant. There was a kids club at our resort but we didn’t opt for it, but in the day the team would come and play water polo or get everyone involved in splash dance, and mini disco at night we were not allowed to miss! Parker loved it. I read so many reviews of it all being in a different languages and some people were disappointed but for us it was great. Little one learnt songs in Spanish, German and English and there was always one of the entertainment team translating all the bits in between, the team were so enthusiastic and they were all incredible with the children!

And how can I forget Lollo and Bernie? Parker loved them, to start with he was a little shy but by the end of the week he was throwing the high fives out!

And one last confession for the mums, the gin, the sangria, the bubbles. And not just any old gins, there was a few well known brands as well as their local which was equally as refreshing. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I might have had a cheeky one or few too many…

Honestly the week flew by. There was so much to do in the area and so many day trips to do. But for us this holiday was all about total relaxation. Beach in the morning then afternoons by the pool. I’ve never been on a holiday where I’ve said I would go to the same resort and same hotel but I would. 100% I’d do it all again, I can hand on heart say I wouldn’t fault anything. If I could go back tomorrow I would. Making memories, travelling the world, it’s all part of the fun. This may have been my first proper all inclusive holiday but it’s definitely not my last.

We’re all going on a summer holiday.

Summer holidays, I love them! Quite honestly every year I get to a point (usually January) where I need to plan a break, I need time in the sun, time in the sea and a little time for a cheeky sangria!

But for our little family there are a few more things we have to think about, because my son Parker has Cystic Fibrosis. For those of you that are unaware of what this means it’s a life limiting genetic condition that affects the lungs and digestive system. It’s a complex condition and there is currently no cure. Sometimes I struggle talking about the things that mean the most to me, that’s why it’s taken so long for me to pop this blog up. Silly really as it’s such about such a happy time, but it’s about reality. However I think raising awareness is so important, and talking about CF is a relief for me. I’m writing this blog because sometimes CF is misunderstood, so if you’re a parent or family member with a CF child, and you can relate or know someone with CF or just someone wanting to know more and understand a little then please keep reading.

So what does having CF mean for travelling?

Currently Parker is well, so we are still lucky enough to be able to fly. Which is good because our little one loves aeroplanes!

But like I said there are a few extra things we need to add to our list. So after booking where we’re going next comes travel insurance. For this advice we sought after Martin Lewis the money saving expert for a good deal but with quality care if anything did happen. So we found Get Going Insurance who were a really reasonable price and covered Parker’s CF needs if he needed it.

Next up fit to fly letter, we had to contact our CF consultant to get one written along with the details that we needed to carry his medication in our hand luggage.

We popped his inhaler, his physio PEP mask in the case and along with everything else we were set to go!

The flight there was a dream. We had no issues with check in, and explaining to the lovely air hostess that his cough was normal for 7am before he’d had physio was okay too. Flying can sometimes be a tricky one if it’s long haul. All the bugs and bacteria in one space with reconditioned air. But thankfully after a two and a half hour flight, he was well over the week we were away.

Holiday life really is the best life a week away from the everyday stresses of reality, but again there were some things that we had to make time for. 20-30 minutes of physio a day wasn’t the easiest when the pool was calling little one! And making sure he took his vitamins whilst we were over there was so important as well as adding salt to his meals to ensure he had the right balance so he didn’t become dehydrated.

Our experience of CF on holiday was like CF day to day. Nothing really changed. On the way home however I was taken aside at Palma Airport to check for drugs because I was taking vitamins in my hand luggage, it’s fair to say that was a little embarrassing!

But overall we had the best week, and I just want to make the most of it. Keeping Parker well is one of my biggest goals in life. Giving him the most support and telling him that he can do, and be anything. Travelling the world, one summer holiday at a time!

If you’d like to find out more about CF and what work the Cystic Fibrosis Trust does. Please check out the link below x

Cystic Fibrosis Trust Website.