Keeping uplifted in Panache Envy.

So we’re on week eight or nine of staying in, I think? I’ve lost count, anyone else? It’s been a while hasn’t it! And lets be honest, like I’ve said before, whilst I’ve been staying in all I’ve been wearing is sports bras, bralettes and anything non-underwired and everything dress code comfy! But sometimes you need that uplift, not just for your bust, but that uplift to make you feel amazing! That set which you want to put a pair of heels on and hoover around in! Anyone else? Nope just me! Not sure the neighbours would approve anyway…

Well today I’m bringing back Panache to the blog, but this time a set I’ve heard so much about but that I’ve actually never tried, until now! Envy. I’ve heard so much about her and when the babes at Brastop kindly gifted her to me I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about! 

Firstly I love lace. Lace is so beautiful and really adds that touch of prettiness to any set of underwear! I love the contrast between this and the houndstooth jacquard detail. One thing I always say about Panache is they never fail on the attention to detail. They never fail on anything in my eyes actually! But it’s the quality and the attention to style and shape in every set, and Envy is no exception. Another thing that Panache are exceptional good at is all around support with comfort, the structure and support on this bra is incredible, I really felt uplifted! And the wide back and straps provide secure support all round. I love a balconette style bra, not only is it practical with good coverage but I find them so comfy, and with Envy the lace on the top part of the cup is stretchy to offer flexible coverage.

I received the Envy bra in a size 36H and it is very true to size. And on Brastop this bra runs from a size 30DD to a 38HH. The size range on this bra is good but if you’re looking for bigger sizes don’t be dissapointed, Panache has a sister brand Sculptresse that are also available to buy on Brastop with some of their sets ranging up to a 40J! 

The Envy set is also available in four different colours on Brastop, the black which as you can see I’ve received, nude, rosewood red and cornflower blue. All so beautiful! I love the black, I think it’s always good to have that go to bra for any occasion and this is great, for nights out, nights in (like we are right now!) heading to work, or working from home. Uplifting you whilst feeling the sexiness where ever you are! 

We can’t talk about this set without talking about the briefs. I am obsessed with big pants! Well let’s say it a little nicer shall we? High waisted briefs, the ultimate comfort. Feeling secure, comfortable and having the sort of vintage vibes under your clothes, feeling sassy right? I love the matching details on these briefs alongside the bra, a perfect match!  I received mine in a size 20 as I always size up for briefs however with these I definitely could’ve gone for a size 18, they were just a tiny bit too roomy but still a good fit and mega comfy! If you’re a little more tummy conscious these briefs have light control with panel support. Or if high waisted isn’t for you, the Envy also has a mid-rise brief option. The high waisted brief runs from a size 8-20. 

Envy is a classic. A set that’s there to support you no matter the occasion. And right now I need some uplifting in my life! As always I’ve linked the set below if you’d like to have a browse or give yourself a treat! I think one thing to remember with Panache is the price definitely reflects the quality. All my Panache bras have lasted years and always stay so beautiful, just remember to cool hand wash them and to take care of them when drying. So are you needing a bit of an uplift right now? What’s your go to bra for ultimate support? X 

Panache Envy Balconette Bra

Panache Envy High Waisted Briefs

Ready to stay in-in. In New Girl Order Curve.

Another weekend in-in. I’ve been spending so much time living in my comfies and I’m not going to lie, I’m missing getting all glammed up. Putting the lashes on, heels on, going for date nights, going for drinks with the girls. All little things I definitely took for granted! Anyone else? I know it’ll be a while until we are allowed properly out-out, but who’s to say we can’t have date night in-in? Or get dolled up and feel amazing for me? Just until we can go out-out! So today I’m bringing you something new to the blog. I’m bringing you some statement pieces that were kindly gifted to me from New Girl Order Curve. 

I’ve never tried New Girl Order, but I’m so glad I have now! For plus size fashion it’s sometimes hard to find on trend pieces, the industry is getting so much better and New Girl Order have definitely brought some amazing pieces with their Curve collection! I love it when pieces test the fashion rules, when they’re a bit more out there. And that’s exactly what these pieces are.

First up they sent me this Abstract long sleeve frill dress. I love the cut of this dress it’s so unique and is so on trend. I love a high neckline on a short dress, it’s so stylish and looks so chic. The colour of this dress is stunning, I’m such a massive fan of the colour pink, and the black and pink contrast is so vibrant! And we can’t talk about this dress without talking about the print, oh my how beautiful is it. The feminine figure in abstract style, so stunning. I received this dress in a size 20 and I’m glad I went up a size as I like that it’s a little longer and a bit more roomy, it gives an opportunity to add a belt without making it too short. However if I’d have had an 18 I think it would have been true to size just a little more figure hugging and shorter. This dress is available from a size 18 to 28 in the curve section.

I’ve styled this up in two ways, for a night out-out with over the knee boots and an up down hair style. And for a day to day weekend look, perfect for the cinema or walks at the park, I’ve paired it with trainers and again a belt. I always feel like I need a belt with a dress that is quite straight cut, I have a large bust and hips but a smaller waist so I like to show off my shape when I can. This dress is definitely going to be a statement piece in my wardrobe that I can wear time and time again for so many occasions. 

The second piece I received was this super cute My bitches tee. I love a cheeky tee, this may not be great for in front of the little ones or on a work zoom chat, but it’s definitely one for nights at the pub, paired with jeans and heels it’s a comfy choice that also is super cute. I received mine in a size 18/20 and the fit is perfect. A little baggy but I like it, great for over cycle shorts or tucked into high waisted jeans. This tee is available from a size 8-28. 

The last piece I received is definitely my favourite and gave me all the clueless vibes. It’s fair to say I am in LOVE. The Lolita cherry dress. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover it! Do you ever put on something and feel all the sass come to you? Like you’ve been searching for that ultimate dress to make you feel like a queen? Well here’s mine. I love a cherry print, so so cute and the coral base colour matches alongside the print perfectly. This dress is a little short but for a mini dress it’s great. It still covers the bum and top of the thigh, a great dress for a night out or date night or for drinks at a friends. I received mine in a size 20 and I’m so glad I did as usually I’m a size 18, but as I’m a little busty I think I needed to size up for extra coverage in that area. The Bardot style is again so cute and paired alongside my go to strapless bra, it looks gorgeous. This dress is available from a size 18-28, and like I said maybe if you’re a little more busty size up for coverage. 

So there we have it! Three statement pieces from New Girl Order that have definitely given my wardrobe a pop of sass. New Girl Order will 100% be where I’ll now go to for that something a little more out there, for that statement look for a night out, or night in-in! As always I’ve linked these pieces below. Have you tried New Girl Order yet? x 

Abstract Long Sleeve Frill Dress

My Bitches Tee

Lolita Cherry Dress

Everything’s Rosy in Flirtelle.

Staying home, staying comfy at home. Wear a bra at home? Debatable…Okay okay so I’m actually a lover of support. I have to wear a bra! It’s only at night it actually really comes off. I have my go to bralettes and comfy non-wired ones but when I still want maximum support with comfort, I have my go to brands. And one of them is Flirtelle from Brastop. 

I’ve tried a few Flirtelle bras and I love the support they give and their general fit. I find that they’re a brand that if they work for you, they’ll all work for you. I’ve tried padded and sheer from Flirtelle and the fit is very similar on each. And they’re a proper bargain! You all know how much I love a bargain! However with Flirtelle price does not compromise the quality or fit.

So today I’m bringing you the Flirtelle Alice set. A set I was yet to try, which has been very kindly gifted to me from the babes at Brastop. As you all may know Brastop is one of my go to destinations for bargain bras from all my favourite brands! So when this set arrived I couldn’t wait to try it! As soon as I opened it I loved it, the pink! I’m such a massive fan of the colour pink, and I think the colour compliments this set beautifully. However if you’re not such a fan of the Rose colour this is also available in a white, purple, rouge and black option. This bra is a winner for everyday, under workwear, on the school run (when they re-open) and comfortable enough for all day. Which is a must have in any bra, you don’t want to be running home to get it off do you?

Firstly I received the bra in a size 36H. Depending on style and brand I can be between a 36G-36H and this was a perfect fit, so if like me you’re between sizes I’d recommend going with the larger cup size to avoid any spillage! And always make sure you scoop and swoop to ensure your bra fits properly! If you’re unsure if your bra fits correctly Brastop have a great bra fitting guide which I will link just underneath here! This bra is available in a size 32F-40K which is such a good size range for the fuller busted babe. 

Brastop Bra Fitting Guide

The style of this set is such a classic, I’m the biggest fan of a sheer cup and the duo cup detail is beautiful, with the double mesh on the below of the cup and the pretty swirl embroidery on the top. So delicate and really beautiful. The bra has a great structure for support with wide non-slip shoulder straps and a wide back with two hooks and three clap fastening. Supportive? Yes! It really is so supportive! Held the girls up lovely and is really comfortable to wear around the house all day, I would say to wear out and about all day but I’ve been in for eight weeks and counting now! And the only outing this bra will be getting is up the local shop for bread and milk and other essentials! Including tea bags! I love a good brew as you can probably tell from my choice of prop! Yes the mug contained tea!

The briefs are a nice short brief kind of style, mid-rise with great coverage and again really comfortable for all day. There’s nothing better than comfy pants is there! I received mine in a size 20 as I’ve said before I always size up for briefs for maximum comfort and these were a perfect fit. Again I love the matching swirl and mesh detail, and as briefs they have more coverage. 

This set a real day to day winner that is just so pretty with its swirl embroidery detail and sheer material. This set is also an absolute bargain right now in the Rose colour! With the bra currently on sale from £32 to £17 and the briefs from £16 to just £9! So you can get the set for under £30! (Prices correct on 12/05/2020) so if you’re looking to treat yourself but don’t want to break the bank this could be the set for you. As always I’ve linked the set below if you fancied a browse. So what’s your lockdown go to? To bra or not to bra? X

Flirtelle Alice Bra in Rose

Flirtelle Alice Briefs in Rose

Staying comfy whilst staying in.

Just like that we’re in May! April went in a blink compared to March and if I’m honest I don’t know what I’ve been up to apart from simply staying in! Not a lot has changed I guess? We’re still in lockdown, still no idea what day of the week it is. I think it’s the weekend? Saturday perhaps? Anyway we’re still in and I’m still trying to be as comfortable as possible whilst trying to get through this. Constant mugs of tea. Lots of home schooling for little one and plenty of movie evenings. But what am I wearing you may ask? Well. I’m at the height of fashion you know. Really? Okay not quite. Paul’s joggers. Tick. Big cardigans. Tick. Ridiculously comfy bra? Well have I got a new one to show you!

Today on the blog I bring you the Sugar Candy Lux Bralette. The bra that honestly makes you feel like you’re not wearing a bra! No really it’s that good, I accidentally wore mine to bed last night! When Sugar Candy contacted me a few weeks ago with the offer of gifting me a comfy bralette I couldn’t resist, after all it’s all I’m living in right now! I’ve tried Sugar Candy before previously and I loved my bra. It was a different size and style previously and unfortunately it’s not my size anymore as it must have been at least three years ago now. But never fear, now I have a new one! One that I now actually can’t live without. No seriously I’ve worn it three days straight, she needs a wash. You want the details? I’ll give them to you, read on…

So the Lux Bralette, made from the softest fibres and ultra smooth structure. So soft and so lovely against the skin. But how could it support you say? It’s a bralette? I’ve actually found the bralette industry for the fuller busted babe is catching up! There’s so many goodies on the market currently, and although some have a way to go in terms of size range, we’re getting there. So the Lux? It has two inner slings that lift and shape the bust comfortably whilst offering amazing support with its ribbed panels, and surprisingly? No underwire in sight, just amazing structure! It has a wide back and a four clasp fastening, with the added J-hook on the straps that I love for that extra support. It has moisture wicking fabric so there’ll be no boob sweat here! This bralette is available in Navy or Black, as you can see I chose the black and I love the lace detail and velvet feel straps. This bralette is available from a size XL-XXL (28F-40G) so a really good range for the fuller busted. And just incase you’re a little unsure of the sizing I’ve added their sizing table below. I received mine in a size XL as I’m a size 36GG/H.

Along with my bra came a little note, a very handy note. Not only a note of positivity but a note of how to wear! And it was perfect, a good instruction of how to know you’ve got the right fit with no bulging and no spilling and no gaping. As you can see, a lovely fit! And as I’ve mentioned no underwire in sight, and still all the support!

I love a comfy bra, they’re a must have in my undies drawer. Although personally I wouldn’t wear this bralette to work or to a night out it’s the perfect bralette for a night in, or for now! We are staying in after all! And whilst staying in I think we all need to have that comfort, that large brew, comfy cardigans and a comfy bra supporting your bust. And if she the Lux does get a trip out, I’ll make sure it’s up the local shop for essentials! As always I’ve linked this one below. Have you tried Sugar Candy? What’s your ultimate outfit for a comfy night in? Let me know below! X

Sugar Candy Lux Bralette

Summer dreaming with Evans Clothing

Summer, it feels like it’s on its way! The sun is starting to make more of an appearance but we’re in a lockdown. And as we’re in lockdown it feels a little sad. No trips to the beach, no long park walks, but just because we’re in doesn’t mean we can’t be home in style does it? And let’s hope that by the time it gets to July or August we’ll be able to go out a little more and enjoy it a little more, as much as is safe to do so anyway! And I’m going to be honest, every season I never splash out. I stick to key pieces and try to mix and match as much as I can with old season. This year I’m definitely trying to be more conscious with how much I spend on fashion and I’ve been trying to be more conscious of how much I receive too.

So when Evans contacted me and asked if me if wanted to receive some new pieces for summer, I thought about what I was missing in my summer wardrobe and I made the decision to get some gorgeous timeless key pieces, that I could wear year after year. I’ve actually got a couple of pieces still that were gifted a couple of years ago that I wear all the time! Just for clarification all items in this blog were gifted, however I chose all of them and styled all of them myself, so they really are what I’d buy myself if I wasn’t so kindly gifted them.

First up what did I pick? A must have for summer attire – sandals, and probably the one item I do like to treat myself new to each summer. And I just could not resist these Flatform Espadrilles. We all need those oh so comfy shoes for summer that are also right on trend. I always try to add a pop of colour when it comes to footwear, mainly because I love them to be versatile. To go with jeans, shorts, a dress a skirt! Not just the one outfit. And I need them to be comfy, which is why a flatform is the perfect option. I love yellow, a real blast of colour that compliments so many other colours beautifully. I received these sandals in a size 7EEE and as someone who has wide feet these were a great fit, no rubbing and plenty of adjustment on the back clasp. They’re available from a size 4EEE to a 10EEE, so a really great size range for if you’ve got wider feet. 

So what outfit did I pair these with? Every single one! Next up on the key piece list is this gorgeous dress, a gorgeous, midi stretch, pleated dress. This dress is such a winner for Spring/ Summer. On trend, but also timeless, who doesn’t love an abstract polka dot? And the Navy colour is just so lovely. I also love a dress with a tie waist, shows off the waist perfectly whilst being airy and flattering showing off your gorgeous silhouette! The material of this dress is lovely, very lightweight and easy to move around in, a great dress for popping the trainers on and running around the park after little one or popping a pair of heels on for date night or girls night, but let’s wait until lockdown is over. For right now it’s perfect for garden attire and looking beaut for the essentials Sainsburys shop! I received this dress in a size 18 and it’s a perfect fit, really comfortable not too tight. This dress is available from a size 14-32 so a great range for us plus size babes. 

Next up, a vest. A vest you say? Never underestimate the power of a pretty vest top. A paisley blue and white is a classic and again a key piece that will go year after year! This one for me when it arrived was a little long, I think I’m a little short in the body with longer legs! So I styled it by cropping it up with a tie knot style. However if you want a little more coverage over the belly area it’s very lightweight and not clingy at all. I actually chose a size 16 for this one and after receiving it I think it does run big, especially as being a fuller busted size 18 woman the fit was lovely in a size 16. This vest runs from a size 14-32 so again a great size range. 

I paired this top with this lovely maxi skirt, this maxi skirt is 100% something that I would’ve never really chosen a few years ago, but since gaining confidence in myself I knew it would look great with this vest. It is that stretch material so it is a bit clingy, but for me I love it. I used to be so worried about visible belly line but now I know it’s just normal I’m embracing it! But if you’d rather have that extra coverage then I’d maybe size up. I received this in a size 18 and like I said it’s a great fit if you’re looking for that figure hugging shape. It’s available from a size 14-26/28 and is such a great piece for the warmer months and for now, so comfortable for lounging around in whilst we’re in! I paired this again with the gorgeous yellow sandals. There’s something about blue and yellow that I just love together! 

The last two items I chose were must haves. I love love love a kimono! They’re a great item to have for colder summer nights or covering up during the day. Again super versatile and timeless. Perfect for over a bikini or paired with jeans and heels, or in this case the sandals again! I couldn’t decide on which print or colour to get which is why I chose two. Two very beautiful kimonos but different. The first one a lovely floral vibrant red kimono, maxi length and a really lightweight chiffon feel. I love the patchwork print, really on trend, and so pretty. The second kimono has a slightly different look although another patchwork print but with a contrast of lovely blue and green colours and a touch of sparkle in the dashed gold stitch. This one has a more cottony feel so better for chillier evenings and nights out! I received both of these kimonos in a size 18/20 and they were both a lovely fit. Plenty of arm room and a both a lovely length. These are both available from a size 14/16 to 30/32 so again a really great range.

So there we have it. 5 key pieces (6 for both kimonos I just couldn’t choose!) that I’ll be mixing and matching and styling up with last seasons summer wear this year. Adding pops of colour and just a few new prints into your wardrobe can really make a difference and add that up to date trend into your summer wardrobe. I used to believe each season you needed a whole updated wardrobe! But with trying to be more sustainable and more environmentally conscious, I think we all need to do our little bit and focusing on key items is definitely something I want to be more conscious of, it may not be a massive help but it’s a small something. I’ve linked all the items below to Evans for each piece if you want to take a browse or give yourself a little pre-summer treat! So tell me in the comments, what’s your go to key piece for summer? X

EXTRA WIDE FIT Yellow Flatform Espadrilles

Navy Blue Spot Print Pleated Dress

Blue Floral Print Vest

Navy Blue Maxi Skirt

Red Floral Print Patchwork Kimono

Blue Multicoloured Patchwork Print Sparkle Kimono

Making the most of Paradise, in Costa Del My Garden.

Okay so paradise? Well it’s not quite is it. The world at a bit of a standstill, all holidays postponed, no trips to the coast, and no leaving the house. You could say it’s the worst holiday ever?! Because it’s not actually a holiday is it. It’s a lockdown in a pandemic. It’s actually very serious and very scary and honestly my way of coping whilst knowing I have a high risk child to this awful virus, is by trying. Trying to make the best of it all, whilst outside the world is a pretty scary place. How to make the best of a bad situation? Stay home, and pretend you are on a bit of an odd holiday, well a bit of a crap holiday, where the all inclusive runs out of stuff and the the pool is the 3ft wide paddling pool made for a toddler because you ordered the wrong one. At least there’s the sun?! Oh wait it’s the UK. And although the sun has made an appearance we’re hardly in Marbella are we babes?

We can all dream right, we can fake it until we make it right? Well that’s exactly what I’m doing. Costal Del Garden anyone? And I’ve never been so happy to have the little square of grass we do. It’s my happy place. So when I was contacted a little while back and asked if I’d like to receive a couple of pieces of pieces from Figleaves I’ll be honest and say that I thought I’d be getting more instagramable photos than I did. I thought she’d be getting a run to the beach, a swim in the sea, a dinner out paired with a beautiful skirt on a Spanish island! But that didn’t quite happen. And whilst we’re all staying in and staying safe at this very uncertain and uneasy time, I thought I’d bring this review to you from the comfort of my own home and garden. As that’s the only outing she’ll be getting in a while! 

So who is she?!? Today on the blog I am bringing you Paradise Island Swimsuit by Figleaves. Now as you may have seen a couple of blog posts back it was my first time trying Figleaves own collection lingerie, so now it’s my first time trying Figleaves own collection swimwear! Firstly the print, come on it screams summer! Beaches, tropicals, florals, what more could you want? I love how bright and flamboyant it is and the style is just beautiful.

Usually with fuller busted swimwear there’s a compromise on style for fit, but with this it’s a great all rounder! I love the cut out side details, it really emphasises your curves and adds on trend style to the swimsuit. I’m usually more of a bikini girl but this swimsuit is pretty much all I’ve worn recently as garden attire. Comfortable, so pretty and goes amazingly with a pair of shorts! Such a versatile piece as it can be incredible on its own or paired with a skirt or jeans for an on holiday brunch or bar dinner. This gorgeous print is also available in a bikini and a bandeau swimsuit if that’s more of your style.

This swimsuit is available in a size 30F to 38G a good fuller bust range but again would love to see it available in larger cup and bust sizes. I received mine in a size 36GG and the fit was perfect, no digging in, plenty of stretch and no bulging on the cups. The swimsuit is non padded (which I love!) and has the black waistline band and plunge neckline to really show off those curves! With tummy control technology if you’re a little conscious of that area it’s really a lovely fit. With a clip back, adjustable straps and underwired cups you really do get the all round bust support us fuller busted babes need in a cossie! And at the reasonable price of £55 it really is value for the quality you get. But with quality comes care, make sure you always hand wash your underwrited lingerie and swimwear as the washing machine loves to ruin them!

This piece for me really is a classic, it’s timeless and would be a great holiday piece. At the pool, at the beach, running after little ones by the sea, or paired with killer heels at an Ibiza pool party! Okay okay, so we can all dream, but for now the only action she’s getting with me is in the garden! So if this is one for your holiday wish list I’ve popped the link below. So tell me where is your post lockdown dream location? I’d love to know! x 

Figleaves Paradise Cut out Swimsuit

Slaying at home in Pour Moi.

We’re Nearly a month into lockdown, the joggers, the pyjamas, all the comfy clothes! But is anyone feeling like they just want to dress up? Put those lashes on and a touch of lippy and just feel a little more va va voom? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, do you know what really empowers me? For me, it’s underwear. Like proper raunchy underwear, pretty underwear, beautiful quality underwear, treating your body to something truly beautiful. Not for anyone else but for me!

So when I was asked if I’d like to be gifted a set from Pour Moi I couldn’t wait to try it! I’ve tried Pour Moi a couple of years ago and found the fit really true to size. However what I tried back then was one of their basics sets, so beautiful but not quite like this…And this? Well today on the blog I bring you a piece from Pour Moi’s Contradiction collection. The more sultry side of Pour Moi, the naughtier side, the more sexy, maybe not for day to day collection.

So which item did I pick? I picked the Contradiction bodysuit, it just took my eye and I was so in love with all of the beautiful details! I’m obsessed with a harness style bra too so I just knew this was the one for me. So what did I think when it arrived? It was just as beautiful as the picture online, only I loved it even more! Firstly the fit, I received mine in a size 36G, usually I’m between a 36G and H but as this bodysuit only went up to a G cup I thought I’d give it a try. And actually it’s surprisingly very generous, I didn’t realise until I received it that it has thin padding across the bottom of the cup, and usually with padded cups I have to size up but with this I had no issues, and no spillage which was great.

This bodysuit runs from a size 32B to a 38G so a good size range for a mixed range of busts, but as it’s such a stunning body suit I’d love to see it available in a wider range of smaller sizes as well as larger sizes, in the bust sizings and the cups. So the details? I’m a massive lover of lace, and the lace cup panels and lace Brazilian brief style is truly stunning and adds so much beauty to this bodysuit.

I’ve also touched on the harness style around the top of the bust, it has a sliding clasp for that extra glam touch and the line detail that separates the panels adds a real sultry feel, especially next to the sheer panels! I always love a bodysuit for if you want to feel sexy but aren’t in the mood for showing off too much skin!

The actual construction of this bodysuit is of such a Hugh quality too. With adjustable straps, poppers at the bottom of the briefs and a three clasp back for the bust. This bodysuit was made to accentuate curves and to really show off your figure with elasticated design to stretch with your curves, it’s a piece that’s definitely made to be seen.

This Contradiction body suit is currently priced on Pour Moi’s site at £45 which I think really reflects the quality. It’s a piece that you don’t mind paying a little more for as it’s just so beautiful in style and construction. As always I’ve linked this piece below, as well as the link for the Contradiction collection from Pour Moi. So although we’re staying inside will you be slaying inside?

Pour Moi Contradiction Body Suit

Pour Moi Contradiction Collection

Simply chill, relax and take a sip with Sipling Beverage Company.

Gin and Tonic. The G to my T is a much enjoyed beverage in my house on a weekendly basis. There’s nothing I love more to finish the week with than a cheeky beverage. I’m actually quite mindful of what I drink and how much I drink, mainly because I find alcohol isn’t the best for my mental health and let’s be honest no one likes a hangover! So I keep sober Sunday to Thursday and then on a Friday and Saturday I love a G&T treat.

But what if I were to tell you that there’s another option? I mean we all know about the usual soft drink favourites, juices, fizzys and honestly, lemonade in my opinion is highly under-rated. But what if you wanted that refreshing cocktail taste without the alcohol? Well today I’m introducing to the blog the Sipling Beverage Company.

When they reached out to me and asked if I’d like to receive some of their products I couldn’t wait to try! Especially as they do a non-alcoholic version of my favourite – the G&T! I was very kindly sent a box of three non-alcoholic cocktails. Firstly the case they arrived in, I have to talk about this as it is so beautiful, a wooden box with the Sipling logo carved in the top and a golden clasp. So beautiful, and a perfect edition to my kitchen drinks display.

Sipling Beverage Company do a variety of six different non-alcoholic cocktails – Gin and Tonic, Mojito, Old Cuban, Bellini, Rum and Cola and Moscow Mule. I received in my taster case, the Gin and Tonic, the Mojito and the Old Cuban. 

So what did I think? Firstly the G&T, for me it tasted like a single gin and tonic, not bitter at all but filled with beautiful botanicals and actually so much more refreshing than an actual gin and tonic. The flavours were beautiful and accompanied with ice and lemon was a perfect beverage for an afternoon in the sun, and as it was national Gin and Tonic day in the America yesterday it seemed like a perfect opportunity to enjoy it. Next the mojito. My absolute favourite cocktail, however this time mock-tail! Again, super refreshing and gorgeous hints of lime and mint, poured over ice a truly beautiful beverage. And lastly the Old Cuban, full of fruity flavour and again so perfect for a summers day in the garden. 

All of these non-alcoholic cocktails were so flavoursome and so refreshing, and the fact that it’s all pre mixed and ready to go is perfect! I’m actually tempted to buy the rest! Especially if I’m ever designated driver at a friends or family bbq after lockdown. They’re a great alternative to popular soft drinks that are usually full of artificial sugars or sweeteners, and they’re all vegetarian and vegan friendly! So everyone can enjoy! 

They would also make the perfect gift, the case they came in was so beautiful and at such a reasonable price of just £19.49 for a mixed taster case of 6, they would be so good for anyone who doesn’t drink at all or would like to cut down on the alcohol. For a small business starting from one mans passion to cutting down on alcohol consumption in his family, they’ve come so far, receiving so many awards and nominations, they’re really growing and I can see why! They also provide free UK mainland shipping and discounts on multiple case purchases.

So whilst the sun is shining on lockdown why not try something new and a little different. Simply chill, relax and take a sip on Sipling. As always I’ve linked the products below if you wanted to have a browse. Have you tried Sipling Beverage Company? And and you a fan of a mocktail? So stay home, stay safe, take a sip and enjoy the sun from inside or outside where you can this bank holiday x 

Sipling Beverage Company

Skipping through Summer with support from Panache. 

All the gear and no idea? Yep that’s me! That’s usually me anyway. All I’ve done since lock down is wear active wear, but have I been very active? Surprisingly I have done a bit! P.E with Joe Wicks, skipping and having a kick about with the football in the garden, just trying to keep moving mainly for my mind. I find exercise so good for my mental health. I usually love to walk, I’m such a walker and I love the outdoors, I think I’d struggle if I stopped exercising all together. We love our long country walks and as we approach week three of completely staying at home, it’s actually quite hard. I miss the countryside, the woodlands, the beaches that surround us. I miss running. Although I haven’t actually run this year my plan was to start again, but as were in complete shielding I can’t go for a run without risking Parker’s health. So I will keep skipping and keep working out at home! I will run again. Just not yet.

Being a fuller busted babe, during exercise, I need some support, and it needs to be good! I’ve written before that Panache is one of my go to brands for a high quality bras and sports bras. So when they reached out and asked if I’d like to be gifted one of their high impact sports bras for their #mysize campaign I had to say yes! It’s taken a while to write this blog and mainly because I really wanted to try it for running first, but now I’ve accepted I won’t run for a while I’ve put it through its paces in other ways. So what did I think?

Firstly the colour and print, Panache offer so many gorgeous prints on their sports bras, I love how bright and flamboyant they are! They do also do the more neutral colours and prints if this is a bit bright for you, and you want to tone it down. But for me, I love a pop of colour in sportswear, and this print caught my eye straight away! I received mine in a size 36H and the fit is perfect. This particular bra runs from a size 28B to a 40J with most sizes in between still available! The fit is really true to size and really comfortable. I mean it’s all I’ve really worn what I’ve been at home!

So the impact support, how good is it really? I put it through the ultimate test. Jumping! More specifically skipping. I still had a tiny bit of bounce but I don’t think you’d ever get a fuller busted sports bra that wouldn’t give a tiny bit of bounce whilst skipping and after a bit of jogging in the garden it held well. It is wired but I think that adds to the support and whilst working out you don’t even notice it! The racer clip back gives that extra bit of support for high impact exercise, whilst still sitting comfortably. For added comfort it has wide cushioned straps and seam free inner cups.

Panache is a brand that I’ve said before I feel the price really reflects the quality, their bras last years when taken care of, hand wash only and air dry only. They really are such good quality and fit and I find all of their bras very true to size. Panache’s #mysize campaign is really great, they truly believe that the ‘one size fits all’, really isn’t the case. They want everyone to find their true size, to feel comfortable and supported and to be able to buy cup sizes sports bra, which is a rarity in high street sports wear.

I may not be able to go for a run for a few weeks but what I do know is I can keep putting a Panache to the test with my jump rope and with my home workouts, taking care of my mind through exercise, whilst staying safe at home. And whilst being supported! As always I’ve linked the bra below in case you wanted to have a look. Have you tried Panache? What’s your go to home exercise routine whilst your staying home? Let me know in the comments below x 


Flourishing in Figleaves.

Let’s talk bras, you may know they’re one of my favourite things to talk about here! So who’s with me in that the past few weeks all you’ve worn is either sports bras, bralettes or no bras at all? Well I’ve been doing the exact same. PJ day everyday? No shame here! Apart from a few day’s, where I’ve got dressed, washed my hair, got a bit glam, tried to feel a little more like a normal day, if that makes sense?

So when Wingfield PR got in touch and asked if I’d like to receive a couple of pieces from Figleaves, I couldn’t resist, you all know how much I love underwear right? And trying a new brand, I was excited to say the least. I’ve bought previously from Figleaves but I’ve never actually tried their own brand lingerie, and I’m so glad I did. So what did I think? 

Today I’m going to be talking about the Figleaves Juliette lace, non-padded underwired bra and the matching Brazilian brief. Firstly it was the gorgeous navy colour that caught my eye, I’m a massive fan of navy, it just so happened to be part of the colour scheme for my wedding day, all the dresses, the suits, maybe that’s why I love it so much? Anyway this set does not only come in one or two colour ways, nope it’s available it nine different colour-ways! So what ever you’re after to add a pop of colour to your underwear drawer Juliette is for you. And if you’re like me and once you find a set you love the fit of, you can’t resist but have every colour!

This particular Juliette bra I opted for, is the lace, non-padded underwired bra. I love the plunge and the stretch lace is so comfy. I’m usually between a size 36GG and 36H so as this bra is non-padded I went for the size 36GG. This bra currently runs from a size 30D to a 38GG. Hopefully Figleaves in the future will expand this as it’s such a great bra and looks so lovely on any bust. So what did I think of the fit? It was actually perfect! After scooping and swooping there was no bulging, no falling out and no gaping. It was really comfortable and definitely a bra for everyday, as well as wearing underneath a plunge neckline dress (for when we can get back to date nights and girls nights!) But for now under your pyjamas, or working from home clothes or just lounging around in nothing else, it’s perfect! 

Next up let’s talk pants! I love a Brazilian brief, for day to day I love to be comfortable, who doesn’t? But I also like to be a little bit ‘cheeky’ if you get me? And these Brazilian lace briefs are gorgeous. Again in the matching navy colour and also a great fit. I received mine in a size 18, and usually I like to size up to a 20 in briefs, but the fit of these is so good. Not too tight and just again, really comfortable. These briefs are available in a size 8-18, again this is something I hope Figleaves will look into expanding in the future. And if Brazilian isn’t quite your style these are also available in a thong option and a short option, so depending on how much coverage you’d like there’s an option for either! And they’re also available in every colour that the Juliette bra is, so you can have a matching set whichever colour is your favourite!

The overall fit and quality of Figleaves own brand lingerie I’ve found to be really great, and honestly I’m just surprised I haven’t tried them before! They are also a brand which I’d say are actually great value for money. Stunning sets that won’t break the bank! So if you’re looking to treat yourself during this different time in life, then I’d highly recommend checking Figleaves out. And I wouldn’t be doing my role here properly as a bargain hunter, if I didn’t tell you Figleaves also have an amazing up to 70% off sale on right now! I know 70% off?!? I’ve already got my eyes on some new pyjamas I’ve been lusting over! 

As always I’ve linked the set below incase you wanted a little browse. So what do you think? Have you tried Figleaves before? And if you have what’s your go to style that you’ve lusted over in every colour? Let me know in the comments below! X 

Figleaves Juliette Non-padded underwired bra.

Figleaves Juliette Lace Brazilian briefs.