Bikini at the ready for Bank holiday beaching!

It’s here, the last bank holiday of the summer! And my goodness babes does anyone else feel like they need it? Like I really need it! And with the sun forecast to make an appearance and make it a real scorcher, I can’t wait! BBQ’s and beaching. Yep that’s the plan. Three whole wonderful days of it! You also probably all know by now I have a one true love for the seaside. The sea holds my heart, as well as the rest of me when I like to take a good plunge!

So as I’m not quite one for skinny dipping in public, I needed a two piece to hold the girls whilst looking fabulous for those deep sea dips! And today’s fabulous two piece on the blog is the beautiful Anya Bandeau bikini from Panache. I’ve mentioned before on the blog my love for Panache and their fuller bust brand Sculptresse. The quality and the fit that Panache offers is honestly one of a the best, especially when it comes to swimwear. With support that I could only dream of being made a reality.

Right, so the Anya bikini? She did not disappoint. Firstly a gorgeous emerald colour, it’s really beautiful on any skin tone and adds a pop of colour. For me, it’s also all about the detail. I received the bottoms in a size 18 and the fit was great. They run for a size 8-18. I love the detail on the briefs, enough coverage to make you feel comfortable running about, but the strap detail just add that extra layer of sexiness and sass!

Next the bandeau bikini top, incredible support and a great fit. I received mine in a size 36H and it was very true to size. This bikini top runs from a size 30DD to a 38H. With this I love that because the support is so good on this bikini that taking the straps off even at a H cup is still no problem. The girls were going no where! It really is a gorgeous top and the whole style is just fabulous. It’s one of those bikinis where you put it on and instantly feel the confidence boost. The ‘va va voom’ effect I like to say!

So with the three day bank holiday weekend set to be scorcher, why don’t you say yes to that bikini! Treat yourself and your body. Put that bikini on and celebrate a summer of self love, after all every body is bikini body ready!

As always I’ve linked the bikini set below if you fancy treating yourself to Anya, or if you just fancy a cheeky browse! Let me know what you think in the comments below, are you a little ‘green with envy’ over Anya? Okay forget the pun, but if you love it as much as I do, let me know! X

Panache Anya Bandeau Bikini

If you like Pina Colada’s, and getting caught in The Cosy Club!

Mojito or prosecco, Pina Colada or a gin fizz, you name it, I’m sure I’ll enjoy a cheeky glass of it. Cocktail or mocktail, soda or sangria, whether its a girls night or date night there’s one place I will go time after time in Taunton, for a wind down and a catch up, and that is The Cosy Club.

And a couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to join a bloggers cocktail masterclass at our local Cosy Club. I wanted to write this blog sooner but as you may have seen from Instagram, we’ve been a little kitten busy!

So, I’ve been many a time to Taunton’s Cosy Club, for tapas, superfood salads and for delicious cocktails and mocktails. But a masterclass on how to make my favourites? This was going to be a treat!

So when I was invited I couldn’t wait to attend. I invited my lovely friend Tara to be my plus one, and so off we went, after work for a midweek treat at The Cosy Club. The event was being held down stairs in ‘The Den’ a private room with a lot of space, a private bar and the most instagramable decor.

I love the overall vibe of The Cosy Club, the interiors, the lighting, the music. All so inviting, all so relaxing. So we started the evening off with a cheeky arrival drink, my favourite, a little bit of fizz! But with a twist, and a magical glitter touch. It was delightful. As the other lovely bloggers arrived, our charming bar tender for the night, Rhys, made sure nothing was too much trouble! From answering all questions, to making sure we were all okay and giving us his history with The Cosy Club and his love of hosting masterclasses! So the challenging part for him? Making us all into professional cocktail makers in the space of two hours. Did he succeed? Well…

We all took it in turns creating masterpieces starting with the shaken not stirred Pina Colada full of flavour and actually vegan! Using a coconut cream and a lot of shaking power, to create a frothy finish. Topped off with the classic cherry on top, they were delicious! Next we created my actual favourite cocktail, the Mojito. Full of zesty lime, spicy rum and finished with a clap of mint! A clap? Rhys taught us how clapping the mint actually releases the flavour and the aroma. And my goodness it was good! For this one I made Tara a mocktail version and honestly it was just as delicious, so full of flavour and so beautifully presented.

As the night mingled on we chatted, we laughed and we noticed what looked like plastic straws, which we began to question. However Rhys soon pointed out on the back of the drinks menu that the straws are actually made from a natural starch, meaning they are biodegradable, which was great to hear. As the sipping of drinks carried on we were soon ready to be seated for a delicious array of tapas.

There were plenty of vegan and gluten free options available with a cheeky red flag notifying us of which ones they were. The hosts for the night were also really informative. Being lactose intolerant can sometimes make eating out a little difficult, but the knowledge of the ingredients that the hosts had were amazing. And they told me with confidence what I could and couldn’t have. Which was great as usually I’d have played it safe and stuck to just the vegan options. I can safely say I will be returning just for the homemade scotch egg, with a crispy outside and a runny yolk, they were unreal!

It was a really lovely evening and as the night drew to a close I can honestly say it was such a ‘cosy’ night. After telling all the other girls at work how much fun we had I think another one will definitely be on the cards!

At just £29.95 per person for a cocktail masterclass with a selection of three cocktails, or just £39.95 to have the cocktails and a tapas selection we’ll definitely be back for more fun! I love that for the masterclasses you can have the whole den to your party and keep that small group intamacy with only a six people minimum booking.

I feel it’s an activity most will enjoy, even if you’re all designated drivers and opt for a mocktail masterclass! The den is also a great room for parties and private events, used often for birthday parties and even corporate meetings.

I will be returning to The Cosy Club very soon for a cheeky Friday night tapas date night, it’s one of our favourites locally! Have you tried The Cosy Club? Are you local to Taunton and looking for something a little more cosy? I’ve linked the Cosy Clubs main page and booking page below if you’d like to take a look and maybe even book a cheeky tapas table too! Will you be drinking Pina Coladas and getting caught in The Cosy Club…

Book your spot at The Cosy Club!

Sun, sea and Suzani Stone.

This summer for me is all about self love. And I don’t just mean in terms of body image, I mean in terms of doing what I love, feeding my passions. Pushing myself to do the things I love and not have a care in the world about any body image hang ups whilst doing them. Easier said than done right? And one of my favourite things to do when it’s a gorgeous day is to head to the sea and sand!

About a month ago I was lucky enough to receive the email to say I had been chosen as a Lilly and Lime swimwear ambassador. I was so happy! I’ve known of Lilly and Lime for so long and have always lusted over their gorgeous swimwear but had never actually got around to buying. Which I now regret, as I wish I’d have tried them sooner! Lilly and Lime was founded by two mega babes Ash and Em, both fuller busted and on a mission to create beautiful swimwear. Which I think after this blog you’ll agree they’ve succeeded at!

So as part of being an ambassador I was very kindly gifted a bikini/swimsuit from their online shop, and after a few hours (spoilt for choice) I finally decided on the Suzani Stone print, balconette bikini and brief set. What I loved most about the site was that every print and pattern comes in every style, from balconette to bandeau and high waist briefs to hipster briefs. What ever your preferred style you can match your favourite patterns!

So the balconette bikini, I received mine in a 36H. Very true to size, a great fit actually! And what I love about this balconette is that you can make it strapless if you want, great for tanning and then re-strapping for extra support for a swim. The print is truly gorgeous and the colours are right up my street. This bikini top in its’ style and pattern currently runs from a size 30D to a 38H, so a pretty good size range for the fuller busted babe!

The briefs, I opted for the basic brief. I stayed away from my comfort zone of a high waist and thought suns out, tums out! I received the briefs in an AUS size 18, same size as UK sizing. If they’d have had the option for a size 20 in this style, I maybe would have sized up for extra comfort, however these were still a fabulous fit, with no digging in. The high waist briefs go up to a size 22 so perfect for if you wanted the option of a little extra comfort.

Did I mention I also received the cutest little bag with my set, perfect for popping the wet cossie in at the end of the day, without making all your other beach belongings soggy!

What I love most about Lilly and Lime swim is there’s a style for whatever confidence level or comfort level your on and for whatever you require at the beach or pool! If you want to be more protected from the sun and more comfortable whilst you surf or swim they have a wide range of rash guards. As well as some really beautiful one pieces and also a range for girls little swimmers, ranging from age 1-2 to 7-8 years.

They also ship world wide and have an online size checker from a Lilly and Lime expert, to make sure you get the perfect fit!

As always I’ve linked the bikini set mentioned in the links below. So what do you think? Will you be getting your swimsuit on this summer and heading to the beach or poolside? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your summer plans! X

Lilly and Lime Suzani Stone balconette bikini top

Lilly and Lime Suzani Stone basic brief

A Jolly Folly Day Out!

Picture this, a five year old little girl, animal obsessed, lover of everything pink. Venturing on a visit to Folly Farm, for the first time of what was to become many. Falling head over heels in love with the cows, the sheep, the hay bales and even the tractors! The farm life was the life for her. And at just five years old she declared her life goal was to become a Folly Farmer, and she was determined. That little girl – yeah, that was me.

Fast forward to sixteen years old, my life goals had slightly changed, but I was still determined to work at Folly Farm. I became a food and beverage assistant. Working weekends and working hard. Pro ice-cream scooper, sandwich maker and instant-coffee deliverer. Dream made. But wait, fast forward again to eighteen years old – food and beverage supervisor. It was a dream, until I needed to pursue my new dream in fashion, and I left the Jolly Folly life. So present day, me, twenty four years old. Heading back to Folly Farm, husband on one side, four year old son on the other, ready for the ultimate trip down memory lane.

A lot had changed since I last visited and it was so good to see just how much had. We started off our day by heading straight to the main map in the entrance, instead of paper maps, they now have large boarded maps around the park to save on paper waste. Great news for the environment! And so we headed to our first destination of the day, it was the all new, exciting Asian Adventure! New for this year including red pandas, Asian wild dogs and Asian leopard cats. We were very lucky as a lot of the animals in this area were out and about ready to say hello. I’d never seen a red panda in real life before, and I was so in awe of their beauty. Parker was also in love and at the end of the day picked up a little red panda cuddly toy from the gift shop, which he proceeded to name ‘Red’. We learnt all about the conservation work that Folly Farm are helping with, including a breeding programme with the two red pandas they now have, and their sponsorship to a forest guardian in Nepal to help monitor and protect red pandas in their natural habitat.

We then took a good stroll around the rest of the outside zoo, there was so much to see and we were so lucky to see most of the animals out enjoying the sunshine. The walk was also really lovely, really good for accessibility, with smooth tarmac grounds most of the way through and every enclosure with ramp access. So we walked, from the meerkats, to the lions, to the flamingos and back to the rhinos. We listened to the rhino talk from one of the keepers and it was a real eye opener. Hearing about how the Eastern black rhinos are actually critically endangered, with only around 650 left in the wild. However it was so uplifting to hear that one of Folly Farms black rhinos was actually pregnant, and that they’re expecting a rhino calf early next year!

After that we had a waddle down to the penguins and then to have a quick photo with the giraffes. After seeing the rest of the outside zoo animals, we decided it was time to see Parker’s favourite animal of them all, the turkeys! Yes the turkeys. In to the Jolly Barn we went. In to see all the farm yard animals, it was like being on a real farm. I felt five again, although funnily enough the barn actually seemed much bigger now! With so many more animals and so many areas to explore and learn. We saw the turkeys, the goats and sheep and to our surprise a cheeky rat. One of the lovely folly farmers Ffion told us all about Luigi the rat and Parker was over the moon. He even braved up for a stroke!

There were so many new additions to the farm, including new born lambs and ducklings that were just three days old! Too cute! Through the barn next and onto the land train, where we learnt all about the working part of Folly Farm, and all the other animals out in the fields. Including the mochyn (pigs in English!). We decided to pack up a picnic for this Jolly Folly day and at lunch time we parked up near one of the play parks. Although if you decided you’d rather treat yourself to a hot meal, there’s so much choice! With a sandwich cafe near the indoor Carousel Woods play area, or a hot meal in the burger bar and with lots more restaurant options on site, there’s something for everyone! And I really mean it, I was overjoyed to see their ice-cream parlour ‘The Dairy Shed’ not only sold all the traditional favourites, but also ice lollies and a vegan magnum! Such a treat, I had to get one!

After lunch we had a go in the outdoor play areas, we could’ve spent hours there! With so many different fun activities, including diggers in the sand, ride on tractors and pirate ship play areas! Parker was in his element. We finished off our outside play with a ride on The Big Wheel. A fabulous view of the whole park, and a great way to see more of the stunning Pembrokeshire countryside.

It wouldn’t be a day out at Folly Farm without a trip to the vintage funfair. At a very reasonable 50p a token, the fair is the perfect place to end your day. With most rides only costing 1 token per person, per ride. We had a family spin on the vintage carousel followed by a couple of the smaller rides for Parker. It was magical. The lights, the sounds, the smell of the candy shop and dunking donuts filling the air, it really was wonderful.

With 5pm fast approaching we decided to call it a day. As we were leaving I noticed a sign for the ‘boomerang ticket’ get your receipt stamped on exit and you can return within 7 days for half the price. Ideal if you’re on a long Welsh break, as even though we managed to fit most of the activities in, we know Parker could’ve easily played on the outdoor play areas for hours longer! And as it was such lovely weather we gave the indoor theatre show a miss, which we’d have loved to have gone back and done if the weather wasn’t on our side.

Although we were very kindly gifted this day out by Folly Farm in return for a blog review, I would happily pay and go back tomorrow, and the next day and the next day! It really was a Jolly Folly Day. And the best bit? Parker has left at just four years old with the same dream I once had. One day he will drive a tractor and look after the animals he told me.

One day he might be, I’ll never let him stop dreaming. As when I was just sixteen my dream became a reality.

So if after this read you fancy a Jolly Folly Day Out I’ve linked the booking page below, where you can save a good 15% by booking online. You all know I love a bargain right?

So have you taken a trip to Folly Farm? Let me know about your Jolly Folly Day in the comments, or if you’re planning a visit soon!

Folly Farm Tickets – Buy online and save 15%

Cherry dreams by the sea.

It’s that time of year again, bikini season! The weather is finally warming up, (thank goodness!) and the beach is calling. And this year I’m embracing me, embracing my bikini body. Embracing being bikini body ready every day, as after all, every body is a bikini body! This year however we actually haven’t booked a proper holiday abroad or even a week in the UK. Just a couple of weekends away, and with the temperatures rising last weekend, I decided it was time to put one of new bikini sets to the test.

Introducing the Curvy Kate Jetty. So you may have seen this set before as I’ve previously owned it in pink, purple and navy, but I’m yet to write about it! So with a different size and a new colour way on the block, I thought I’d share with you what I thought of this scorcher of a swimwear set.

This bikini set was kindly gifted by the lovely babes and Brastop, I received the top in a 36H and briefs a size 20. Both true to size and a really great fit.

What I love about this particular set is the balcony style, I find it has a great shelf lift and is perfect for bottom heavy boobs. The material is also super soft, and is great for actual swimming, as well as a day of sunbathing!

A high waisted bikini bottom is my go to, I feel comfortable and ready to take on the beach. Running after a toddler, building sandcastles, swimming in the sea, a high waist just makes me feel so much more secure.

So let’s talk about the colour, a gorgeous cherry red. A colour that not too long ago I would have maybe not chosen, it is a little bold. But this year I’m embracing the colour, not being afraid to be bold and stand out and what better way to embrace it by bringing out the red!

This set is currently on sale at Brastop for only £21 for the balconette top and only £13 for the high waisted briefs. However this set does come in a tankini option and a fold over brief if that’s more your style.

Curvy Kate is on of my go to brands for fuller busted swimwear. You always get good quality, fit and on trend style. As always I’ve linked the set below if you fancy a summer schorcher of a bargain, or just a cheeky browse! Have you tried the Curvy Kate Jetty? Let me know in the comments what you thought of it and if you’ll be bold in a bikini this summer! ❤️

Curvy Kate Jetty Balconette Bikini

Curvy Kate Jetty High Waist Bottoms

Happy Birthday Curvy Kate!

So you may have seen a couple of weeks ago, I took the two in the morning, trip up to London, for an exciting day out. But it was more than that, it was getting my kit off, getting in some gorgeous Curvy Kate underwear, and strutting my stuff on an open top bus around London’s favourite landmarks! Crazy right? Although the craziest part was it tipped it down with rain for some time! But nothing could stop us babes, it was windy it was cold but we were loving life! Raincoats on, umbrellas up, nothing could dampen our spirits!

So with all the birthday fun, tonight I thought I’d look back on where my journey with Curvy Kate began. In 2016 I entered their ‘Star in a Bra’ contest. I didn’t have an ounce of the confidence I have now and if I’m honest I felt like a fish out of water. I was shy, extremely anxious and feeling not very good about my body. That day honestly opened my eyes to a whole new world. I know it sounds cliche but I really do mean it. But what did Curvy Kate teach me? That confidence isn’t a size. Confidence comes from within, from letting go of the insecurities, and just being you. And from that day I’ve tried to remember that every moment since.

Curvy Kate opened up my eyes to the world of fuller busted bras! The pretty ones, the padded ones, the sexy ones too! And the importance of a really good fit. They also showed me the world of blogging, and how I could start my journey to body confidence and share it with others. They showed me the support network of the blogging and instagramming community. And that’s why I began ‘The Mum Style’ to share my story.

So when I received my invite to join the birthday bus party, I felt so overwhelmed. I honestly felt so grateful and so so excited. In just three years I feel as though I’ve come so so far. Not just with my little blog but with my journey to body confidence. A great set of underwear can really make such a difference. And the thought of going around London in my pants, it didn’t scare me at all.

I felt so excited, maybe a little nervous but most of all I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. That I am marvellous as I am. That my bust looks banging! And honestly it was the most empowering day.

We danced, we played pass the parcel, we ate cake! And we all looked incredible and felt incredible. Curvy Kate not only brought the party, the brought diversity. So many different and gorgeous bodies, so many bubbly and beautiful babes, all there to celebrate loving your curves and being uniquely you!

It was just empowering. And the best bit? I met some of gorgeous babes that social media has brought together, and it was incredible. Making friends for life, who understood my love for posting pictures in my pants and opening up about mental health and anxiety.

My journey with Curvy Kate has come so far and being on that bus, I didn’t want that feeling to stop. So thank you Curvy Kate, for not only supporting my boobs, but supporting me in so many other ways. So did you manage to spot the birthday bus? The set I wore was the Curvy Kate Victory in Black, very kindly gifted by the babes at Curvy Kate. I also have this set in burgundy and it’s the most comfiest set I own with the best support. If you’d like to check it out I’ve linked the set below. Like I said a banging set of underwear can really make your day. Happy Birthday Curvy Kate, here’s to another 10 years!

Curvy Kate Victory

The fitting room featuring Yours Clothing. Summer styling.

So a couple of blog posts ago I talked about a new feature I was thinking of adding to my blog. Recently the reality is I just can’t afford the hauls, and the reality is the shipping of hauls back and forth just isn’t sustainable and it’s not great for the environment at all.

So here is the first edition of The fitting room featuring! And today the fitting room is featuring Yours Clothing UK. So let’s talk about it, the one thing most women hate about clothes shopping. The dreaded fitting room, I want to turn it around, find the shops where the fitting rooms are fun and mini fitting room hauls are something we can all do.

Today’s edition, summer styling. I had a good browse around the shop, a good 20 minutes to be precise and found so many goodies! Sometimes I worry with Yours that you can’t find the thing you’re looking for quite so easily, I don’t know about you but I always find the hidden gems right at the back of the rails. For example outfit number one!

This denim pinafore dress was right at the back of the rail and it was such a winner. I paired it with this gorgeous yellow floral top, for a summer look that was perfect for day to day and out and about. Paired with a cheeky pair of trainers this would be great for the school run, and even suitable for work. The denim is a really good quality, and nice and thick, with a good A-line cut, so it doesn’t cling too tight. I picked this one up in a size 18 and the floral top also an 18. I honestly had to stop myself buying this look as I fell so in love with it.

Second look here it is! Just the top, sized up to a size 20 the perfect summer dress for 5ft6 me! I love Yours but I can’t be the only one who finds their tops just a little bit long if you’re on the shorter side? So styled with a cute bag and heels a perfect date night dress. One top two looks!

Next up shorts that didn’t give me a camel toe! I love high waist shorts, but they always some how cling to my nether-regions. But these fit lovely at the waist, elasticated, and nice and baggy elsewhere, very airy for hot days. I love the floral print and the grey is gorgeous. I paired this with a white linen top, also really lightweight but also a little long, so a simple, on trend, front knot would sort it. A lovely cut on the top of you wanted to be a little more reserved. Both of these a size 18 and a really good true to size fit!

Last but definitely not least, perfect for the beach. Palm leaf dress, burnt orange with pockets! When I first tried it on I loved the feel but for me personally, I wanted it to be a little more figure hugging so I simply added a tan belt. However on the bloated days or the days where you just want the baggy dress, it’s perfect as it is. This dress is also a size 18 and true to size, this was a quick favourite and had to try hard not to take it home!

One thing I found really refreshing about this fitting room try on was I found my size on the shelf straight away. And knowing that if I wanted to, I could size up easily and it would be in store. As a plus size woman I’m very aware that the largest size most high street stores cater for is a size 18, and being the lower end of plus size I realise how lucky I am to even be able to browse in most shops. So this try on, a breath of fresh air for the plus size babe.

So there we have it, a few Summer styles from Yours. As always I will link all the items below. So what do we think? The fitting room featuring, a new blog edition I should keep? I really enjoyed it so will keep bringing them to the table, but I would love to know what you think, more fitting room stories? Let me know in the comments! X

Yours denim pinafore dress.

Yours Yellow Bardot top.

Yours Palm print dress.

Yours white crochet blouse.

Yours tropical shorts.