Animal print everyday.

Okay okay, it may be 2020 but I am still 100% obsessed with animal print! Leopard print, snakeskin and even zebra! I love the bold bright prints, they’re great for dressing up or down any outfit and they pretty much go with any block colour. Versatile and a great statement look that is set to follow for 2020, I’m obsessed still! I have my key items in my wardrobe that I love to switch up depending on occasion, including a few oldies but goodies. But today I’m bringing you something a little new, an animal print option that you can actually wear everyday! 

Yep you’ve guessed it, it’s underwear! I used to be such a plain Jane when it came to underwear, always sticking to basic nudes or monochrome sets, never experimenting with prints or bold colours. As you may be able to tell, those times have changed and thank goodness! I love experimenting with new sets and styles. So today new to the Sculptresse family, let me introduce you to Dionne, kindly gifted to me by Panache. As I’ve said in previous blogs, Sculptresse by Panache are one of my favourites. Every time the quality and fit is really great and I’ve yet to find a bra that doesn’t work for me from them, but what about this one? What did I think of Dionne? 

First up the print, the animal print! It’s a tile print that has a gorgeous snakeskin look, the python set! I love that it’s not an all over, too much print and that it features in sections along side the black mesh and matches perfectly with the mid rise briefs. It’s so stylish and so on trend. It’s great to know you can be on trend even when you have to pop office wear over the top or just jeans and a tee on, it’s one of those sets where you can feel like an utter queen underneath and no one knows!

Next the fit, I received my bra in a size 36G. The overall fit is great, sitting flat the cups and giving a really comfortable fit. I love a four part cup that gives support all around. With adjustable straps and double hooked back it really offers great support. The shape this bra gives is also really lovely, I’m such a massive fan of a harness strap! It adds so much sass with just a simple detail. It’s great for under any outfit and on a low plunge neckline it really adds effect! This bra runs from a size 36D to a 46K, a really great range for the plus size fuller bust babe. If your band size is smaller than this range, Panache also do a range of really gorgeous bras in a similar print and style that fit just as great. 

Then the briefs, I received mine in a size 18. And they are a really comfortable mid rise style which give great coverage and comfort, again the material is so lovely and super soft. The briefs run from a size 12 to a size 24. Again a good range, although it would be nice to see Panache extend their range past a 24 to match the bra sizes. I love how the print on the briefs match the bra perfectly, with the snake print and mesh details. 

This is such a great set that sits perfectly under any outfit for day to day or to spice up an outfit if you want it to be seen! I actually wore this bra under my Christmas party dress to make the harness detail seen! It was really gorgeous and really finished off my outfit! It’s so comfortable too It’s definitely my go to for a busy day. As always I’ve linked the set below if you wanted to have a look or even treat yourself! Is animal print still a favourite of yours this year? It’s definitely not leaving my wardrobe! X 

Sculptresse Dionne full cup bra.

Sculptresse Dionne midi brief.

The ultimate party season essential, for all year round!

So Christmas may be over, and you may think that also means party season is over, or is it? I actually find that I spend a lot more time catching up with friends, and having girls nights and date nights in January than any other time of year. January is a fresh start to make time, to go out to enjoy what the new year brings! And for me it also means another excuse to glam up, to let your hair down, to feel great catching up and spending time with your favourite babes with no pressure of Christmas

And as I’ve said many a time before, the secret to a great outfit is a great base layer! And nothing beats a strapless that can hold up to a J cup! Am I right? So today to the blog I bring you the Sculptresse Dana strapless bra. The ultimate party essential.

First up I love Sculptresse, I find the quality and styles unbeatable and the fit is pretty perfect every single time. It’s a brand that I can really rely on for support and structure as well as the most beautiful designs. It’s with great pleasure that I bring another Sculptresse by Panache review to the blog this year, and I’m hoping for 2020 there’ll be many more. It’s a brand that I love and trust and that I’ve used for years so to be sent gifted products with the option to review is a dream, and I can honestly say all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

So what’s the sizing like? I was gifted my bra in a 36G. As I am bottom heavy in regards to my bust, strapless bras can be really hit and miss in regards to the fit, so I always tend to size down in the cup just incase. In this case this worked perfectly. The support was really there and there was no drooping or lack of hold. It’s fair to say the bust was lifted! My favourite part about this bra is how wide the back strap is. Most people believe bra support comes from the straps when really it’s the band that should be doing all the work! So having a sturdy 6 hook back was perfect, I really felt uplifted and felt really comfortable. And having silicone elastic supporting the top and bottom of the wings gives an all round great shape.

The satin feel fabric is a really gorgeous touch and the material on the cup sits flat, so no bra lines when wearing a tight top! And the four part cup gives really great fit and shape. This bra runs from a size 34E to a 46GG So it’s definitely a winner in the plus size strapless bra department, with a really great size range. 

I gave this bra the shimmy test, the wiggle test and the jump test! All moves I’d be pulling on a night out and she held in place perfectly! No nip slip and the girls stayed right where they needed to. And if your after a little more support or just want this bra as an option for day to day it also comes with detachable straps. I know I sometimes feel more comfortable with a little extra support for the day to day errands.

Overall it’s a great bra for day or night. For heading to the shops or heading to an ultimate catch up and dance night! I know I’ll definitely be treating myself out in January and it’ll be a great support as the spring months draw in, you all know how much I love a balconette top! As always I’ve linked the bra below if you want to treat yourself this January or if you want to take a browse. Will you be taking yourself out this January? Let me know in the comments below! X 

Sculptresse Dana Strapless bra.

A new year, a new chapter, more self care.

A new year, a new chapter, a new decade. It’s a bit of a big one isn’t it? Or is it? Isn’t it just another day? However you look at it, it’s still going to take some time getting used to writing 2020 everyday! Every year I love to set new goals, new challenges that I’d love to complete by the end of the year. But this year I’m not putting so much pressure on myself. This year I want to make realistic goals, that focuses more on my mind, my happiness, my self care. Last year I did dry January and the set out to be some sort of yoga expert. The reality was I hated yoga by week three, it really wasn’t for me. And although dry January went well, I still managed to sink a couple of bottles of wine when February came along. Not the best move!

So this year. I really thought about this. If I set more realistic goals am I more likely to achieve them? Focus on doing more of what I love. Set goals that I already do occasionally but make them more permanent. And focusing more on what I need, and sometimes not what I want. Learning to say no to doing too much, but saying yes to living in the moment more. 

So goal one. Dry January, I always love to do this at the start of a new year. After all the prosecco’s at Christmas and far too many cheeky G&T’s I think it’s good to have a break from alcohol. I always feel so refreshed starting February after a dry January. And I feel it makes me more hydrated, I tend to drink a lot more water. But I don’t want this to stop at January this year. I don’t need alcohol, and this is something I want to be more mindful of. Yes that Friday night glass is nice, but not the whole bottle. I think this is definitely a realistic goal I can stick to.

Secondly Veganuary. I’ve been dairy free for the past two years due to an intolerance anyway, so for me it feels like going vegetarian without the eggs. I’m on day four and it feels surprisingly easy. I think I didn’t realise how many vegan meals we eat as a family anyway. The boys aren’t changing their meat consumption and that’s fine, it’s their body their choice. This is just a new lifestyle that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. If Veganuary goes well, and fits in with our weekly food shop budget then this is definitely a choice I will really think about changing long term. And no this is not a new year new diet. This is me thinking about my impact on the environment and me taking a small step to care more about animals, my love for a chicken is unconditional. Growing up with chickens meant they’ve always had a place in my heart. And I actually love the animal, more than I would miss consuming meat. For me it’s been an easy switch, and one I will hopefully try to keep. I mean vegan galaxy already has my heart!

Lastly my third goal. Self care. Self belief and taking time for me, easier said than done. Every year I say I’m going to blog more (I’m coming up to three years blogging!) and I always start off well but this year I’m making sure I plan, prepare and take the time out. Just a couple of hours a week. To take myself to a coffee shop, to a different room. To focus on writing, to focus on talking about what I love. Body confidence, fashion, mum life and of course lingerie. This year I also really want to focus on writing about places I love to go and visit, and more importantly – eat at! Taunton and Somerset in general has so much variety and choice and I’d love to take more time to talk about local businesses that I love and visit so often. 

My blog is currently my hobby. And every year I think about what it would be like to write for a living, it would be a dream. But right now that is all it is, a dream. This year I want to focus my energy on making my dream a reality. Maybe doing some vlogs or videos along side, for my social channels. Maybe not a YouTube channel right away, I honestly don’t think I’d have the time! But I think outfit videos and try ons are definitely something I want to do more of, as well as videos from the fitting room. Last year my try on fitting room blogs were a huge hit and I want to make sure I’m writing about what you all love as well as what I’m passionate about. 

And taking time for my mental health, taking more time to read, to run, to laugh to learn, to explore to travel. All things that make the soul and mind happy. All things that take some of the pressures of life off. Getting an early night, feeling refreshed and less stressed everyday. All small things that can make such a massive difference to my mind.

I definitely believe New Years resolutions or goals can be good. And I always like to use January to rejuiuvinate, to regather and to plan for the rest of the year. January is the blank page. Ready to be written, the start of a new chapter. So there we have it! I’m hoping that this year by setting smaller and more realistic goals that I will be able to keep them. And it’s so refreshing to say that for the second year my resolution has not been to loose weight or diet, and it feels wonderful not to have the pressure. And To be able to say most days I’m at peace with my body. It’s pretty great, so it’s a New Year, Same me, sort of. Will you be setting any new goals this year? Here’s to another year of The Mum Style. Another year of blogging, focusing on me and another year of self love x 

A Curvy Kate treat on my list this Christmas.

I love a sale. Bargain hunter babe, that’s me, I see it, I want it, I wait for the sale, I got it! And when it comes to underwear it’s no exception. I’m the first one there, you can never have too much underwear right? And with Christmas coming up I know it can be tough. Budgeting, keeping an eye on the pennies, but if like me you love a sale and you’ve been waiting to treat yourself to some new over the shoulder boulder holders, then now is your time. Curvy Kate have a huge sale on right now, that includes some of their classic sets. They very kindly gifted me the next couple of sets to share with you, so here’s what I think!

The Princess. A true Curvy Kate classic. In fact the first ever Bra I tried and bought from Curvy Kate was the Princess, and that was almost 4 years ago now! So I already knew how much I loved this babe. I received the sets in the black and the white colour, perfect for day to day under any outfit really, a shirt or blouse, a dress or top. The Princess is also still available in a gorgeous blue and purple colour-way, for when you want a colour burst in your underwear drawer, brighten up your day under your clothes!

I received mine in a size 36H and they are very true to size, a great fit, giving a really good shape. Again a lovely sheer cup with the cutest polka dot mesh detail. I love the floral lace edges, and the added ribbon detailing on the straps it’s a really cute look. The comfort and support of this bra is really great with a 2 hook fastening on D-F cups and a 3 hook fastening on F cups plus, there is no compromise on structure. This particular Curvy Kate style has a really great size range from a 28D to a 44FF but hurry due to the bargain prices this Princess Bra is selling fast! So some sizes may be sold out. At currently just £19 for the Black and White colours it’s a real bargain!

The briefs are not something I’d usually go for. I’m such a lover of a high waist for comfort but actually these were pretty good! I received mine in a size 20 as like I’ve said before I love to have the added comfort in a brief so always size up from your usual dress size. These were the short style and actually they were really comfy! The polka dot mesh material is super lovely on the skin and the fit doesn’t cut you up. These are also in the sale at a real bargain price! And available in a size 8-24 so again a really good range. There is also a Brazilian style brief if you were after something a little cheekier, that’s also in the sale.

But hurry these won’t be around for long! The sizes are flying out and I’m sure if your like me you won’t want to miss out on a real bargain! There are so many gorgeous sets in the Curvy Kate sale, if you haven’t already make sure you have a browse! Although I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Princess once she sells out, but I can’t wait to see what Curvy Kate has lined up as a new classic set! As always I’ve linked both sets below. Have you found any bargains in the Curvy Kate sale? Let me know what you’ve got your eye on in the comments, I’d love to know! X

Curvy Kate Princess Plunge Bra

Curvy Kate Princess Short Briefs

Sparks fly this Christmas!

So you may have seen this week that I found the perfect party dress. Finally! All the glitter, all the sparkle. But it’s Christmas, so why just sparkle on your outerwear? Why can’t you sparkle with your underwear? I’ve looked for so long for that perfect bra that sparkles without looking like a panto prop. And Curvy Kate have brought us a winner. So today I’m bringing you Curvy Kate’s Sparks Fly set, gifted from Brastop!

This is one of my favourite new releases from Curvy Kate, with this set being a part of their girls night collection, it’s definitely a set that is made for show. Under a sheer blouse, under a plunge dress, or even on its own paired with killer heels and a suit. This babe is made to be seen and who wouldn’t want to? It’s a glistening beauty!

So the bra, how did I find the fit? For a plunge bra I thought the fit was great. Plenty of cup room once scooped and swooped and a really comfortable fit. I received mine in a 36H and it was very true to size. I love a sheer cup bra, and this did not disappoint with the added glisten of the pinstripe sparkle mesh, it catches the light without looking too much. The black and metallic colour-way is perfection for so many outfits, especially if you decided you wanted an all glitter jumpsuit or a festive red suit! The back band is quite wide which I really love for added comfort and support and again fully adjustable straps. Curvy Kate always add in the cutest details to their sets and this bra has the cutest little lightening bolt charm in the centre, to add a bit of glitz glamour to this already sparkly set. This bra runs from a size 30D to a 40J so a really great size range! And a not too breaking the bank price at just £34.00 for the bra currently on Brastop.

The briefs are my favourite style, I love a high waist, sexy whilst feeling comfy as anything! I received mine in a size 20 as like I’ve said before I like to size up in briefs. They run online currently from a size 8-20, and the Brazilian style brief runs from a size 8-18. Again on the briefs I love the matching details, with the pinstripe metallic mesh. I also love that these briefs also have a cheeky detachable suspender straps! For me on this occasion I just removed them but they are so so easy to hook on, and hook off. It’s all about the detail with Curvy Kate and with the sheer brief at the back and geometric style these pants are oh so sassy as well as ridiculously comfy. These briefs come in online at just £20 on Brastop.

Also in this range, I have my heart set on the bodysuit version. The bodysuit is gorgeous with a little more coverage. Perfect for nights out. Like I’ve said before who says underwear can’t be outerwear?

This set is 100% one that I’d wear day to day, to feel empowered, to feel sexy for me! Under your clothes no one has to know what you’re wearing and you can feel like a true glitter ball underneath, or if you’re like me and want to show it off, then do it! Wear that sheer dress, put on that sheer blouse, wear that power suit!

As always I’ve linked the sets below if you want to check this set out. Are you hoping for some Curvy Kate goodies from Brastop under the tree this year? Have you put them on your Christmas list? Let me know in the comments! X

Sparks Fly Plunge Bra.

Sparks Fly High waist suspender brief.

The fitting room featuring – Christmas party high street hunt!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Christmassss! It’s the best, with mince pies, mulled wine, all the lights, all the trees, carol singing, all the time with loved ones and of course, the works Christmas Party! The time of year you get to dress up and have a dance! But the outfit. The dress, what to wear?

I’ve had a right nightmare so far on my hunt for the ultimate party dress and I mean nightmare. Umming and ahhing over so many dresses online, buying them, returning them. Why does nothing look like it does on the model?!? And the best one, buying the dress without actually ever getting the dress! It’s been one of those weeks, I tell you!

In my efforts to find the dress, I decided to make a morning of it, by heading to the high street! Taunton’s shopping is actually really good. I like that there are so many shops to chose from and that there is usually good stocks of most sizes. I also love that when you buy from a shop, you buy from a person, a person who is being paid because you are choosing to stay on the high street rather than shop online. I have this awful fear that high street stores won’t be around for much longer because of online retail and it makes me so sad. Fashion retail was one of my favourite jobs I’ve ever done, the social aspect, the team spirit. I know it’s not like that for everyone, but I’d hate to lose any more shops in Taunton.

So are you ready? Steady? Let’s go! First on my venture was Marks and Spencer, I found a few really lovely sparkly tops and skirts but it wasn’t really what I was after. I was definitely thinking I was after a dress until I found this co-ord, I loved the animal print pattern and the pleated skirt was fabulous. The material was so light weight with a silk satin feel and super soft. And the colour, so many tones of blue hues. Maybe though this outfit is more winter wedding rather than Christmas party, but it was a firm favourite. I tried these both on in a size 18 and they were very true to size, If anything the top was a little generous in a size but I won’t complain about that! The skirt retails in store and online for £35 and runs from a size 6-24 in midlength and long, and the top is £19.50 and also goes from a size 6-24. For fitting room styling I added my belt as I found my waist was a little lost without it.

M&S collection snake print blouse.

M&S collection animal print pleated midi skirt.

Next another from Marks and Spencer, this one was a little different and after trying it on I found that for me it was a little more for day to day. You could definitely dress it up for day to night but on this occasion I left it behind. A simple burgundy bodycon dress with a twist detail in the waist. A really good fit and very true to size. I tried this on in a size 18 and it runs from a size 6-24 and is £35. I may go back for this dress another time as it really is so versatile and is perfect for so many occasions.

M&S collection twist front bodycon midi dress.

On to the next shop! Next up was NewLook, I honestly thought I’d find so much in here, but I was a little disappointed in the lack of sparkle in store. I did however find this gorgeous dress. A gorgeous burgundy colour with a satin look. A real Christmas party look, add some heels and a glitzy bag and you’d be on your way. But again I wasn’t quite sure if this was what I was looking for. I tried on in a size 18 and it was very true to size and even room for us busty babes! This dress has a great size range, although in store I only found it in a size to 8-18 online I’ve found it in the curves and tall section too, going up to a size 28. This is definitely an option for Christmas Day. Beautiful and floaty. And currently only £20.99 in the 25% off sale. What more could you want?

Burgundy satin pleated midi dress.

The final shop I ventured into for a try on was Quiz. Now I haven’t been into Quiz for years! So this was a massive hit or miss shop for me and boy did I hit! The first dress. Emerald, velvet sparkle dreams. Gorgeous, I tried on in a size 16 and the fit was actually really good! I found this online with the size range of 8-16 but also in the Curve range of 16-26. The colour was gorgeous and I love a ruched side! Currently online for £40!

Quiz Bottle green velvet glitter ruched side dress.

The next dress and all over sequin, a good stretch so no need for a zip and perfect for that Christmas party! I loved the bronze colour and the way it caught the light! I’m a magpie when it comes to sequins! I also tried this on in a size 16 and the fit again was great, I think because of the stretch in the fabric you could size down or up easily for comfort/style. This dress is available in a size 8-16 and in the gunmetal colour in the Curve collection. It is currently on sale for just £30 a real bargain for the Christmas party!

Quiz bronze sequin wrap long sleeve bodycon dress.

And are you ready? Here she is! The final best dress I found on Taunton’s high street. A velvet, beautiful sequin dress. Not too heavy, and simply stunning. I loved the back chunky zip and the beautiful colours. This dress was the best fitting one I’d found all day, a size 18, so comfortable and exactly what I was searching for! This dress runs from a size 6-18 and from the new Sam Fairs collection. I had to have it, especially as it’s on sale from £60 to just £40! We got there in the end didn’t we? With a real winner at that!

Quiz X Sam Fairs black and rose gold sequin velvet dress.

I would also like to add that I searched through pretty much most shops on the Taunton high street and these were the only shops that I found something that caught my eye enough to try on. I’m so happy with my final party dress! And I can’t wait to party all night on my 25th birthday for the works Christmas do! If you would like to browse any of the dresses in this blog I’ve popped the links below each image. So what do you we think? Do you think I made the right choice? And are you Christmas party ready? Let me know in the comments! X

Who says you can’t wear your underwear out?

One month! That’s it babes, just one month until my absolute favourite day of the year. The festivities have already begun and with that so have the festive nights out. Christmas markets, the streets lit up with the colours of Christmas and the festive menus. Perfect occasions for catching up with the girls or a date night. But what about the outfit? I love a little black dress but sometimes it can be a little chilly! So I like to go for a pair of jeans, killer heels and what’s this? Not a nice top? Nope tonight I’m daring to wear red! And daring to wear my underwear out! And why shouldn’t I? Bralettes and bodysuits have been on trend for so long but I’ve always struggled to find one for us fuller busted babes, one that gives actual support where you don’t have to worry about falling out or squeezing into!

But here she is the ultimate fuller bust body suit. And for the festive season? A gorgeous crimson red. But where? How? Where did I find this absolute gem of a bodysuit. Ivory Rose Lingerie. I’ve followed them for a while on social media and have watched them grow and grow, they are even available on ASOS now! So when they reached out and offered to gift me some of their beautiful body suits I couldn’t resist and couldn’t wait to try them out!

The stunning red lace body. So beautiful, a real Christmas classic. Available from a size 30DD to a 38G. I hope in the future they expand their range for the more plus size lady, but as a small business developing and growing it may take a little time, but here’s hoping one day soon! I’m usually between a 36G/36H and I was kindly sent the 36G which was actually a really great fit. Its really supportive and gave great shape. I love the sheerness, I’m a massive fan of a non padded bra so this is great for me. I think if you were a little taller or longer in the body maybe go for a size up as I’m an average 5ft 6 and it fitted perfectly. I love the colour, not so long ago I would have never dared to wear red, but now I love it! Perfect for festive nights out or cheeky nights in. The lace detailing is gorgeous and style is beautiful. And a little cheeky! With a thong brief style and a cut out back, it’s a little bit daring and really sassy for nights out.

If red isn’t for you then this style also comes in black. Again just as beautiful and also perfect for nights out or in. The body suits are a little sheer so if wearing on a night out I might add a couple of nipple covers just to avoid any cheeky hello’s! It is cold out there now girls!

I’ve styled mine up with my favourite pair of jeans, a faux leather jacket and a pop of lip colour to match! These body suits are so beautiful and currently on 30% off on Ivory Rose Lingerie’s site in their Black Friday sale, head over to see a real bargain! But be quick, the offer won’t last long!

If you feel like daring to go red this festive season then head to the link below to shop. Or to take a look at any other items you fancy. Ivory Rose Lingerie are a business that I’m so happy to support. With their passion for non airbrushing their models and their imagery and two women behind the brand trying to make women feel incredible, what more could you want? So will you be adding some crimson to your lingerie wardrobe this Christmas? Have you tried Ivory Rose Lingerie our yet? Let me know in the comments! X

Ivory Rose Red Unpadded Lace Body