Celebrating Me This Valentines.

Well didn’t that come around quick? I blinked and suddenly we’ve raced past Christmas and here we are! The day of all things Love! Valentines Day! Personally I LOVE valentines, I mean a day that celebrates love? What isn’t there to love? Yes it can feel a lot of pressure and it’s become so commercialised but it doesn’t have to be, a card from the heart, a chance to celebrate more than romance. To celebrate friends, family, loved ones not just partners and most importantly to celebrate self love! And although this year may be a little different I feel so lucky we have FaceTime and social media to stay in touch with loved ones. And for myself? I’ve said so many times that one of my personal favourite ways to treat myself is with a stunning new set of underwear. There’s something about a beautiful set that makes me feel incredible, I love underwear (you may know this) but this Valentines I’m bringing to the blog a small business that I’ve never brought to you before! A wonderful small business that have some great sale deals on right now, on so many brands that I know and love, so you can really treat yourself this valentines!

Today I bring to the blog, Belle Lingerie, a small lingerie business that stock so many great brands and beautiful sets that range from a size 28 backs and AA cups to a 48 backs and K cups. They kindly sent me a couple of sets to try and to show you all in their massive sale, which they have up to 80% off, which means you can get some amazing bargains just before Valentines! Although these sets have been sent to me as PR Samples all opinions in this blog are my own. 

So the first set I’ve been sent is the Sculptresse by Panache, Logan, and you know what they always say, match your lingerie to your flowers! Okay so they don’t say that but let’s go with it! Panache always are an incredible fit and right now on Belle Lingerie you can get this set at nearly half the original price! How amazing? They’ve still got so many sizes left so if you want to grab a bargain you’ll have to be quick! But for a second let’s talk about the details of the set! I love the embroidery floral detail it’s so pretty and so delicate, the full cup style is really comfortable and offers great support. I’m wearing my usual size, a 36H and it’s a perfect fit, it’s such an elegant style. The briefs I wear in a size 18 and again they’re a lovely fit too, no digging in and really comfortable and I love the mid rise style which is perfect for every day wear. This is such a gorgeous set for valentines as it’s so pretty, but so comfortable and will be great for an every day set too. I also love to match my lippy to my underwear and add a pop of colour and this is great! A pop of red lip, a sprinkle of rose petals and there we are, a valentines match made in heaven!

The second set I was sent, was another one from Panache, this time the Corrine set. Another set with beautiful embroidery detailing, I love a set with gorgeous embroidery that is subtle yet so pretty! This set is one of those that you’ll treat your boobs too, they deserve the comfort of this bra! Yes it’s underwired but after wearing all day I couldn’t even tell it was on! So comfy and again another great bargain in the Belle Lingerie sale. I love the balcony style, super cute and a fabulous uplift! Again I received this set in a size 36H bra and size 18 briefs and again a perfect fit! 

Belle Lingerie stock so many brands that I know and love from Sculptresse by Panache to Curvy Kate and Scantilly. So if you’re looking to treat yourself this valentines to either a fabulous new set or just a new set for every day, Belle Lingerie have you covered! And if you’re not sure on your bra size just check out their size guide online on their site! As always I’ve linked the sets below, so if you’re looking for a bargain check out their up to 80% off sale, there’s no better time to treat your bust! X

Belle Lingerie Sculptresse by Panache Logan

Belle Lingerie Panache Corrine

New Year, and actually this time, it is New me.

Trigger Warning. Blog post contains mentions of Eating Disorders and Anxiety. 

Hello, hello! Happy New Year! Yes I am aware it’s February, but I’m also aware that January was a VERY tough one and I needed some time. And by the end of this post I think you’ll see why. Sometimes when things are too hard to say out loud, writing them down can be just as helpful. I said to myself in December, in the new year I will put everything into my blog, have me time again, enjoy writing, but honestly, lockdown three, it’s taken it out of me. I was hoping and praying that lockdowns would be the thing of 2020 but with covid taking control, here we are again! 

Stay home, stay safe. Fine I thought, we know what’s happening, we know what this means but this time it feels harder. January is always a little deflating anyway, with Christmas just gone, and the darker days with less hours of daylight, but not being able to pop for a chat and a cuppa with your friends or take a break and have a date night out. It’s harder. The first lockdown, although we were shielding for Parker, we were all home. We were all getting through it together, there was a helping hand from Paul with the school work, there was the sun and there was a lot of hope that this would all be over by summer. And although a lot changed from leaving my job, starting a new one and just getting by, it was okay. It wasn’t easy but it was okay. By the time lockdown two came around I have to admit was a little fed up, with all the tier systems, not being able to work, Parker being at school and Paul being at work. It felt harder. I felt alone, very alone, very anxious and it all felt like it was a lot. 

I spoke about lockdown two on my Instagram stories, how lonely it was. How I struggled feeling like everyone was carrying on but me, as well as everyone else in retail and hospitality. I met up one to one with friends on socially distanced walks but it wasn’t the same. Throughout lockdown last year there was something I struggled through and I’m only really sharing it now, as towards the end of last year I mentioned it to Paul and I decided to say no more, and take a bit more control, and that’s binge eating. I’m not sure you ever really leave behind disordered eating fully. I’ve always had a tricky relationship with food, from fad diets, to extreme dieting, to restricting then binging, to overcoming bulimia. I’ve learnt that I need to try and manage triggers better, like someone commenting on my size or what I’m eating or how much. Or changes in life, change can be triggering. The triggers can be hard but I’m starting to know what I need to do now. At the height of my eating disorder when I was younger I was bulimic, a vicious cycle of starving, then binging, being ill after and feeling an overwhelming amount of guilt.

Being at home alone in lockdown two really brought on the comfort eating, and that to start with was fine, we all need a cuppa and a biscuit sometimes, but the comfort eating soon turned into binging. Those feelings from the past crept back. I felt the starving coming on, the restricting, followed by the binging. Feeling sad, feeling so alone, feeling so anxious constantly meant I was using food as more than a comfort, it felt like it was the only thing I could control but at the same time I was so out of control. But it wasn’t just once a week or once a month like it has been for a while, it was daily, but mainly on the days I didn’t see anyone all day until Paul and Parker were home, and I soon realised I needed to stop. Only once I turned back to my bulimic habits and that’s when I knew. I knew it had to stop before it became too much, and I felt like 2021 would be the year for change, the fresh page I needed. I always say new year, same me, but this year I needed change. I needed to help me, I needed the new me attitude, for my mental being, not physical. I love my body, the way I look, I’m very comfortable physically. But mentally I need change. I needed to change the habits and try to help myself. And I’m getting there, I’ve reached out and I can hand on heart say I have not binged this year and that feeling is wonderful, I feel a little more me, more in control, and more happy knowing I’m one step further away from the disordered eating that once took over my life. Maybe that’s why I’ve felt it so right to take the time today, to have a bath and to put all my thoughts and feelings and emotions down. 

So I’m learning. Instead of turning to these habits when I feel alone, or stressed or anxious I’m learning to control it in other ways. Taking small steps to ensure I don’t need to look back. I have reached out and looked up to others who are managing it, who have overcome it, read up about intuitive eating, read up on how to build a healthy relationship with food. Not restricting anything and just allowing myself to enjoy food. Not to use it as a coping mechanism. I decided that instead of sitting in and feeling sad and eating until I feel ill, I would break up the day a bit, go on long walks, pop a load of washing on, have a bit of a clean, enjoy a coffee out of the house. Have conversations with loved ones. And honestly homeschooling again has kept me busy, although a little draining at times, having Parker home for company has been lovely, even though I wish Paul was here to share the homeschooling load too! January was hard, long days of sitting in front of a screen trying to focus and trying to teach Parker it also gave me the distraction and the focus I think I needed to take control again. I don’t know how long this lockdown will last but again I feel hope. With the vaccine and covid cases going down again I hope the end of this is near. I’ve set myself monthly achievable goals that are small and can help me feel more me again in this tough time. So I thought I’d share them. 

Focus on the good. When you feel like you’re losing control remember how far you’ve come. Remember you don’t have to turn to food to feel better. Know that you can have a piece of cake or a packet of crisps and it’s okay, it doesn’t need to turn into a binge. Know that a bath, a long walk or a call to a friend can make you feel just as good.

Look ahead, know better days are coming. Think of all the exciting things you’ll be able to do again, see family, even if it’s from a distance for a while. Enjoy the sun, summer’s coming even if it’s just in the garden or on a walk, the warm days will be here soon.

Visits to the coast hopefully, sea swimming is my favourite thing to do when we go back to Wales and I can’t wait. 

Celebrate everything, and I mean everything. Celebrate the small things, picking up a gorgeous bunch of flowers on the weekly essentials shop, FaceTiming loved ones, we’re so lucky to have FaceTime right now. Celebrating date nights in, and achievements in school, going up a to the next reading level. 

Take time for you. Take that bath at the end of the day, sit and have a cup of tea and watch Neighbours. Meet for that socially distanced walk with your friend, go for a run, run like everything’s normal for five minutes. Enjoy nature, getting a National Trust membership was the best thing we did last year. 

Write more. When I write I feel a massive weight lifted off my shoulders, I feel like I’ve written it all down so it’s no longer causing rattling round my brain. I know writing about how much I struggled in lockdown two with my binge eating has been a massive relief. I feel like it’s not some big secret that I’ve struggled with alone. 

So here I am! I’m back again, and with all the pressure of January gone and my mind in a much better place I know I have so much to look forward to, that’s what I’m going to keep doing! I read somewhere recently that said after the storm comes the rainbow, and although things seem really hard right now, better, brighter days are coming, just keep looking out for that rainbow and keep safe. X

And if you too feel like you need to reach out and feel as though you are struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety or you’re just really not feeling okay please see a list of charities below that are there to help you. Sometimes it can help speaking to someone anonymously. It’s okay not to be okay, but there are people here to support and help you.

Beat Eating Disorder Help

0808 801 0677


0300 123 3393

The Samaritans

116 123

For further help Mind has a great resources page listing various charities and helplines for different needs.

Heating things up this Christmas with Verity Anne Clothing.

Well hello there December! The last month of the year, we’ve finally got there didn’t we?! With a few tears along the way…well and tiers, we’ve got here. This Christmas and New Year will be a lot different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and feel amazing at home. And if we’re dressing up we may as well be comfortable whilst we do it! So today I am introducing you to Verity Anne Clothing.

When Verity reached out to me I instantly fell in love with her clothes! So many beautiful styles in so many gorgeous colours, all made to order and all made to fit you! I chose two gorgeous pieces that I instantly loved! These pieces were both sent to me as PR Samples however as always all of the opinions here are my own. So first up is this beautiful red knit dress.

Okay so this dress, what can we not say! It’s absolutely stunning and so so soft! It’s a timeless classic, I love the off the shoulder detail and it can be dressed up or down so easily. For me I’ve paired it with a pair of heels and a clutch bag for that night out but actually night in feeling, as I spend 99% of my time now in my joggers and leggings so this dress is a perfect change!

A pop of red lip whilst cooking the roast dinner and it’s just the most perfect Christmas Day dress! I received mine in a size 18 and it fits incredibly! I love how it sinches me in at the waist with the belt and how stretchy the fabric is! If you were after a more relaxed approach I’d maybe size up as this would also be so lovely with a pair of tights and boots, or slippers! I know mine will be on first thing Christmas morning! 

The second piece I received was this three piece set, again the gorgeous and soft ribbed knit fabric, and again so so stunning. One thing I couldn’t help admiring is the quality of Verity Anne Clothing, it’s just so so beautiful and you can really see how much time has gone into creating these gorgeous pieces. The three piece set consists of the wide leg trousers, the crop top and the cardigan. I chose mine in this gorgeous pastel blue colour, very winter wonderland vibes!

Again I received this in a size 18, and again a perfect fit! Which I’m always surprised at when it comes to crop tops etc as being a busty babe sometimes it’s hard to fit that coverage and comfortable fit but this was fabulous and so comfy! This set has 100% upped my loungewear game! Now when I’m watching series after series on Netflix I can look glamorous and comfortable! 

I’m so so glad Verity reached out to me because I’d never heard of her brand before and after hearing so much about it I honestly don’t know how I didn’t know! All of their designs are handmade to order and are made to fit you!  Handmade to any height or size and they can also produce custom designs. They are a female run business with a team of gorgeous women creating each piece. They also do a range of maternity and children’s wear so you can even match your little one if you wanted to! Or just make them feel as comfy as you do in Verity Anne! 

This year has been tough and it’s been especially tough on small businesses. Verity and her team have done incredibly this year as a small business and have brought out the most beautiful clothing. So if you fancy treating yourself this Christmas take a look at Verity Anne, and remember they cater for ALL sizes. Which is so wonderful to find in a small made to order business. I’m so glad I discovered Verity and her wonderful brand this year, so as always I’ve shared the links to the items below if you fancied an end of year treat or just a good browse! So the big question? Will you be dressing up or dressing down this Christmas? 

Soft Knit Off The Shoulder Dress

Pale blue Knitted Ribbed 3 piece

Falling into Autumn with Evans.

November?! Sorry where are we again?! I feel like I’ve blinked since my last blog post? A whole month?! I’m not going to lie, this blog break was completely unintentional, but with a second lockdown things haven’t been easy. But I think we’ll save that for another post!

Today I want to talk to you about fashion! Yes clothes! It’s been a while since I’ve written about that hasn’t it?! But let’s be honest we’ve all been living in PJ’s and loungewear again haven’t we? For clarity all items in this post are PR Samples and all links are affiliate links. So what am I here to talk about exactly? Autumn/Winter wear! But with fast fashion not slowing down as quickly as it should be, I decided for this collaboration with Evans I wanted to pick pieces that are timeless and that can be worn almost all year round! Ones that can be worn year after year and dressed up or down. I think we can all do our best to be a little more conscious when it comes to clothing.

First up this gorgeous coat, an Autumn essential in my eyes. Do you know it’s the first time I’ve actually owned a proper coat?! Every year I go for the pretty coats, the impractical coats, but as a mum who loves a good walk and hike up the mountain I thought this year it’s time to change. Let’s get the sensible coat! The practical coat! So here it is! Padded but not too heavy, warm but breathable and the loveliest details. Pockets for snacks (not just for little ones!) and a gorgeous faux fur hood for a touch of glam. This can also be removed if it’s not your cup of tea! It’s comfortable and a coat that’s perfect for year after year. It’s available in a size 14-32 and is available in this classic Khaki colour or a lovely Navy colour. It’s an essential in my eyes and my welly walks wouldn’t be complete without it!

As you can see from the above photo this was one that was taken a while back…Yes I am the terrible blogger who takes at least a month to write but what can I say better late than never right?! Okay so this dress! I love this dress! As you can see above for this photo I paired it with chunky sandals, a gorgeous dress for Spring/Summer but also an amazing dress for Autumn/Winter. Pop on a leather look jacket, a pair of chunky boots and some warm thermals underneath and there you have it! Autumn style kept simple! This dress has a lovely stretch to it so is really comfortable and I love the frill hem detail and length. It’s really gorgeous and is available from a size 14-32 again. I wear all of these items today in this blog in my usual size which is an 18. I always find Evans pieces really true to size. And as you can see this is a great piece for all year round and again, in my eyes anyway, timeless!

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful heart print shirt. As you can see above you can style it in so many ways and is good for so many occasions, the office or the park or for dinner out (when we’re allowed) The material on this shirt is so lightweight and it’s really roomy with no pull on the bust which can sometimes be a struggle for us Fuller busted babes. I love the print and the colour and again it’s a piece that’s great for all year round, it’d even be lovely opened up on a summer evening with a vest top underneath. But for now it’s perfect with a pair of jeans and a pair of boots! It’s available from a size 14-32 and is another piece that’s perfect for a capsule wardrobe!

So there we have it! There’s three gorgeous pieces from Evans clothing that are great for all year round, year after year. As always I’ve popped all the links below for you, and I promise I won’t leave it so long until my next blog post. Just sometimes life gets in the way doesn’t it? Anyway I hope you’re all keeping safe in lockdown two and tell me, what’s your Autumn essential?

Evans Khaki Coat

Evans Midi Frill Dress

Evans Heart Print Shirt

Feeling Radiant in Rougette this Autumn.

Feeling a little bit chilly? A bit nippy? A bit fed up of Autumn already? Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn! The crisp leaves falling from the trees, the cold air, all the layers! But one thing I’m not a fan of? The dark mornings, the dampness Autumn brings and with everything even more uncertain with a certain virus than it was back in March, I’m ready to call it a year and put the tree up! There we are, I said it! So I needed to write something to brighten things up and what better way to start, than writing about bright and bold lingerie!

And today I’m bringing you some gorgeous sets from Tutti Rouge Lingerie and their sister brand Rougette Lingerie. I love Tutti Rouge, they’re a great fuller bust brand that are great value for on a budget and also have some really gorgeous sets. All these sets are PR Samples, however all opinions are my own and are completely honest!

So first up I bring you Luna, the most gorgeous bright set! I love yellow! Such a cute colour and paired with the lace is just beautiful. However as you can see Luna is very see through, this for me isn’t a set for day to day, but more a set for a cheeky night or just an evening of chilling, as it is so comfy! I love the one sleeve detail it’s so unique and honestly I just felt amazing in this set! I received my set in a 36G and brief size 18. As Tutti Rouge only go up to a G cup and I’m usually a H this is why some of the sets look a little small. However when it comes to lingerie that makes you feel amazing, especially for saucy nights or just feeling incredible I believe it doesn’t have to be the perfect fit as long as you feel great! And Luna makes me, in my opinion not only look fabulous but feel it too! I do hope one day Tutti Rouge expand their cup sizes as it’d be great to see them be inclusive of more fuller bust sizes.

Next up is the Emilia set, available in a 30D to 48G, again I went for a 36G in this set and this one actually fit a lot better on the bust, again a super cute set! So so comfy and just really gorgeous. You can’t beat a classic black set, but this is a classic with a twist, I love the cut out detail, adds a touch of sexiness to the set and honestly it’s such good value for sexy underwear on a budget. I also really love the cute bow details and polka dot mesh fabric, super soft and so pretty.

And now on to not so boring basics, the EZ-T bra, I received this in dazzling blue and mink, for this bra I sister sized to a 38G and although it looks super cute this wasn’t the best fit for me due to sister sizing. Although I have worn them so many times since receiving for popping to the shops or chilling in. I think this would be true to size if you opted for your correct size if your between a 30D and 48G. Sometimes sister sizing can be great, but other times it just doesn’t work, and if you’re looking for a great fitting bra with support always go for your actual bra size. This set also comes in so many different colours and is the perfect t-shirt bra especially if you don’t want to break the bank, which if you are fuller busted you’ll know isn’t easy to do!

As well as some incredibly gorgeous lingerie sets, Tutti Rouge also have the most beautiful body suits, some are a little naughtier than others but there are some that are perfect for evenings out (when we’re allowed) as well as nights in! This Erin bodysuit is gorgeous I love the front detailing and the back is very cheeky! As you can see it fits great! Even though I went for a 36G which I thought would be a little small, but it was perfect! The detailing that goes into Tutti Rouge and Rougette is just incredible, so many beautiful thought out pieces.

There are a few other sets that I have also been sent but the ones I’ve featured in this blog are my top picks, Tutti Rouge have so many beautiful pieces, some practical for day to day and others there to spice up your lingerie drawer! They’re all such great value and so gorgeous. So if your looking to add a pop of colour or sexiness to you lingerie then Tutti Rouge and Rougette are for you! As always I’ve linked the sets below, so what do you think? Will you be feeling radiant this Autumn?

Tutti Rouge Luna Bralette

Tutti Rouge Emilia Bralette

Tutti Rouge EZ-T Bra

Tutti Rouge Erin bodysuit

Fuss Free Falsies with Lola’s Lashes.

Ready to glam up? See the girls? At a social distance and sensibly of course! Or are you ready to add some glam to your make up routine? Feel a little fly on the school run? The too glam to give a damn vibe. Well I love to glam up! Have a change from the school run leggings and trainers, get those bouncy curls, add that pop of red lip! And of course, the lashes!

Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been a fan of fake lashes. I’ve always stuck to mascara as I just cannot cope with how fiddly they are and how they never sit right! It’s always been a flappy situation with me, lashes and the adhesive, so what have I done? Avoided them! But when Lola’s Lashes got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their fuss free falsies I was intrigued…So I said I’d love to!

Even though all the products featured here are PR samples, all opinions expressed in this blog are my own. What did I receive? I received the most gorgeous package full of goodies from Lola’s lashes! So many beauties! The Jade lashes kit, with magnetic eyeliner, Jade lashes and cleansing oil, the Amber lashes and a Lola’s lashes mirror, eyelash curlers, eyelash applicator and scissors.

I just couldn’t wait to try! First up I tried the Jade lashes, a more natural looking set, perfect for day to day. Firstly I trimmed these down to the correct width for my eyes, as they were a little wide for me. I then carefully applied the magnetic eyeliner, it can be a little messy if you’re not a pro at eyeliner like me! But after a few practices I’m really getting there with it! If you are a little messy like me just use a dab of the cleansing oil to remove what’s not needed, then wait a few minutes for the liner to dry and just like that pop them on!

And yes I really mean it, it’s that simple! The five tiny magnets on Jade are incredible! They went on like a dream which I’ve NEVER, ever experienced with lashes before! They looked so gorgeous and not too big for day to day. I then put the lashes to the ultimate test by wearing them at a windy family day out at the beach, and how did they hold you say? Well they stayed on so well! No adjusting no tweaking they stayed in place all day and I have to admit I was very impressed! And at the end of the day when I wanted to remove them I simply took them off, cleaned them with a non oil based cleanser and popped them back in their case. And to remove the liner from my eyes I just used a tiny amount of the cleansing oil. So simple and so beautiful, Jade was a winner in my eyes!

Then I met Amber, a more glamorous and dramatic lash. Just what I needed to feel too glam to give a damn! Again I applied these the same way and my eyeliner skills had improved by this point. All day they stayed in place and looked fabulous and I felt fabulous! These are 100% my new go to for glamming up for drinks with the girls or date night! So beautiful and also so lightweight on my eyes, again no adjusting throughout the day as they sat in place perfectly!

Lola’s lashes when cleansed and taken care of as advised can last over thirty wears, they are so easy to use and literally fuss free! Lola’s lashes have so many other gorgeous styles too and they are all vegan friendly and cruelty free. There’s no clumping no mess and no having a flap over getting them to stay in place! I’m so glad I discovered fuss free falsies and I will be using them again and again! As always I’ve linked the products below if you’d like to check them out. So what do you think? Have you tried Fuss Free Falsies?

Lola’s Jade Magnetic Lashes.

Lola’s Amber Magnetic Lashes

Back Garden Bikini Ready.

As August draws to a close I think I’m going to have to admit it, there’ll be no beaching this summer time, over seas or in the UK for me this year. I love a trip to the beach, bikini on, sandcastles and sea swimming. However with everything still not 100% safe and the beaches packed every time the sun comes out I think I’ll wait until Winter. Which makes me very sad as I’m a proper water baby, I love the sea! The fresh air, the cold water, it’s my favourite place to be, but I think for us we’ll have a safe staycation at home!

But that said who says I can’t be living life up in the sun! From the comfort of my back garden! Paddling pool out, juice in hand and bikini on! And today I bring to you a new bikini to the blog, The Flirtelle Miami Coast from Brastop, the first Flirtelle bikini I’ve actually tried! This set was sent to me a couple of months ago by Brastop and I love it. I’ve worn it so many times and now I’m ready to give it the review it deserves!

So what did I think? The print! I love a polka dot, so cute, a timeless classic! I also love a monochrome bikini, really flattering and so pretty. The bikini top is a padded balcony style, with a classic bikini fastening at the back, and adjustable straps. I love this style as it’s such a gorgeous cut but great coverage. I received mine in a size 36HH as I was advised it runs a little small on the cup, usually I’d be a 36H in a padded style. The bikini top runs from a size 32F to a 40K so a really great fuller bust range. I love this bikini top it’s so cute and perfect for back garden lounging, although I wish it was being used for beaching! Flirtelle also have a tankini version of this bikini top if you prefer more coverage. The bikini was such a good fit there was no spillage or falling out when running around the garden on water fight days!

Next up the briefs, I love a high waisted brief! I received these in a size 20 as I always like to size up in bottoms. I always go for a high waisted bikini instead of a swimsuit as I always find you get a better fit all round! These are available from a size 10-22, as I’ve said before it’d be great to see this size range extend one day so that it would match the amazing size range Flirtelle offer in the bikini top sizes. These briefs have the same pattern as the top so it’s a really gorgeous matching set! However if high waisted isn’t your go to, then Brastop also have a classic brief option for this set. 

Okay okay, so do you love it as much as I do? But how much is it you say? Well you all know I LOVE a bargain and this Miami Coast bikini is part of the Brastop Summer Sale! So be quick if you fancy a treat as I’m sure it’ll sell out fast! This is the perfect bikini for all year round, I’ll definitely be taking mine to family swim at the weekends when the pools re-open fully and it may even come on a cheeky Autumn sea dip if I’m brave enough! 

As always I’ve linked the set below if you’d like to take a look or even treat yourself! Will you be making the most of the last of Summer in the garden or are you secretly excited for pumpkin spice and all things nice?

Bikini set in this blog is a PR Sample from Brastop and the link is an affiliate link. As always all opinions expressed in this blog are my own. X

Sipful Summer Nights.

In the summer time when the weather is fine…and let’s be honest it’s been wonderful the last few weeks! There’s nothing I love more than a glass of bubbles at the weekend, or a cheeky cocktail at a BBQ. But let’s be honest things are a little different now aren’t they? Although we’re out of lockdown we all still have to be careful, still sanitise and be sensible. So the big family BBQ’s may not be happening yet but we can still have the small get togethers! And if you’re like me and are still a little extra cautious of everything then you may also be wanting to bring your own glass. But what if I told you there was a way to enjoy pre-made delicious bubbles and cocktails straight from a can? Right? No bringing glasses, no having to mix or shake? Well today I bring you Sipful Drinks! 

When they got in touch and asked if I’d like to try some of their range I couldn’t wait to say yes! I do love my bubbles after all! So want to know a little more about Sipful? Founded by Emily and Darius, up in the Yorkshire Dales, they are a wonderful small business with key values at heart, using only organic wine to create their drinks and having a unique style of packaging in recyclable cans. We all love pre-mixed gin in a tin so why wouldn’t I love bubbles in a can? And right now it’s been so handy, when I’ve been in someone’s garden for socially distanced BBQ there’s been no fuss with mixing or worrying about glasses, just pick up your can and all the deliciousness right there! 

But what about them you say, are they really that good? Well I’m going to tell you what I thought! First up the Organic Bubbles, I love bubbles! Prosecco, champagne you name it! Sourced from the plains of La Mancha in the heart of Spain this is a real winner for any celebration, or a Saturday night! Very crisp and refreshing and not too sweet at all. And in a 250ml can it’s the perfect equivalent to a large glass of wine! It’s honestly so much better than most of bottles I’ve ever drunk.

Next up the Mimosa’s two different types but equally as delightful! I’m a massive fan of girls weekend with a cheeky mimosa at brunch, so who’s to say the girls can’t come round for garden brunch and a can of mimosa! My favourite of the two was the Blood Orange Mimosa I loved the sharpness of this one! And served ice cold from the fridge it was perfect! The Real Orange Mimosa was just as refreshing made with 100% Real Orange juice mixed with the organic bubbles it’s a match made in heaven! The perfect beverage for a morning of brunching at home or an evening drink in the garden!

And last but by all means certainly not least as it’s definitely my favourite is the Bellini. Oh my goodness this was so so delicious! Really fruity and made with 100% real peach juice it was so gorgeous, a little sweeter than the other cocktails but it just felt like summer in a can! So so delicious and definitely one I will be treating myself to again! 

All of the cocktails were so delicious and they arrived so beautifully packaged. Sipful drinks will definitely be on my go to list for small get togethers and a weekend treat! They’d also make a lovely gift, something unique and a little bit special! These drinks will also definitely be ideal for when festival life does come back some day! But for now they are perfect for the garden! So what do you think? Are you tempted by bubbles in a can? I’ve linked their site below if you’d like to take a look! Will you be having #Sipfulmoments this summer?

For full transparency Blog contains PR Samples and an Affiliate Link although all opinions expressed are my own.

Sipful Drinks

Monday me time, with a little help from Fifth Sense.

It’s a new day, a new start to the week and I always try to start my weeks by setting mini goals, and most importantly realistic goals. And my goal for this week is to make more time for me, more time for writing, organising, running and of course my favourite, more bath times! And recently I’ve been having the most luxurious bath times with a little help from Fifth Sense in Modbury. Fifth Sense is an eclectic gift shop based in Modbury, in Devon, which happens to be run by two of my lovely friends, Neill and Iggy. They sell a wonderful range of items including gifts, clothing, home fragrances and our favourite purchase from them over lockdown, Annie Sloan paint! Over lockdown Neill and Iggy set up their online store, alongside their shop, which has so many treats and goodies available for UK delivery. 

A few weeks ago they kindly sent me a lovely care hamper filled with so many wonderful items from their shop with no obligations to post, just for me to enjoy. However as I loved all the products so much and they have such a lovely small business I couldn’t help but focus a whole blog post on them! So what did I receive? 

First up from the Fifth Sense bathroom Deli, these beautiful handmade soaps, with no plastic packaging and made from all natural products they are a must have at home. My favourite has to be the Natural Loofah, Peppermint and herb soap, I love how great it is at massaging and exfoliating the skin! And it smells amazing, and is such good value. I also received a few more soaps, some of which I’m yet to try but they smell incredible! Including the chamomile and lemon, banana and coconut and green tea. So many to choose from and they last so well too! And to keep your soap safe and mess free they also sent me a ceramic hand made soap dish, it has a real rustic and natural look, with holes to drain off the soaps moisture.

Their bathroom deli has so much to offer including my favourite products they sent me, their bath bombs! The rose petal one was divine, our whole bathroom smelt so beautiful and it was just the most relaxing bath. They also sent me their Margarita bath bomb pack, with so many wonderful cocktail smelling bath bombs, that just added that little extra luxury to my self care time! I’ve also still got a couple left to try which I can’t wait for, again very reasonably priced and made with natural ingredients. Talking of all natural, their bathroom deli has so many vegan and environmentally friendly products, including bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, and face masks! 

The face mask I was kindly sent was the Ancient fullers earth mask, I loved this one as it was so much more than any mask I’ve tried before! Firstly you make it up yourself, mixing a couple of teaspoons with water and making the paste, then apply and feel wonderful! My skin felt so refreshed after and it’s a product I’ll definitely be treating myself to again! They have a few different ones online including their green clay and pink clay mask. 

With this years lockdown due to Covid 19 I think we’ve definitely all become very attentive over how much we wash our hands, and if you’re looking for an on the go solution then Fifth Sense have that too. Stocking a range of fragranced hand sanitisers for on the go. Made with essential oils and 75% alcohol this is a great product for on the go with 10% of profits from these going to NHS Hero’s. Although washing your hands thoroughly and regularly is best it’s great to have something for on the go. As well as sanitisers Fifth Sense now stock a range of adults and children’s face masks, that you can purchase in store and online. 

Bath time wouldn’t be complete without the perfect lighting and you all know me, I love a candle, and what I love more is a smelly candle! The winter berry soy wax candle and the Pinot Grigio candle smelt amazing and have such good burn time of around 20 hours. Again amazing value for money from a small business. I also was so excited to try the wax melts! I’ve never tried wax melts before and now I love them, can’t go without in the evenings! I was sent the beautiful classic rose melts, along with a beautifully hand crafted wax burner and they are just perfection. The whole house smelt incredible and I can’t wait for the winter months to try out Fifth Sense festive wax melt selection! Also if you’re looking to treat yourself or treat someone to a wax melts gift they do a lovely soy wax melts gift set, all packaged wonderfully for the perfect treat for someone special! 

Fifth sense stock so many incredible and wonderful products that I could honestly write pages and pages about! But I think it’s time you took a look yourself at what more they have to offer! Supporting small and local businesses is so important, more than ever right now, so many will have unfortunately not made it through the lockdown and being able to support my two lovely friends through buying and sharing their business is just a way I can help, and I feel so grateful that they kindly sent me an amazing array of products that I can share with you. If you’re local to Modbury or just passing through make sure you stop in and take a browse in store or if you’re not so local Fifth Sense has so so many amazing products online, including all of the ones mentioned in this post! 

I will link their site below if you’d like to treat yourself or someone special and I’ll also link their Instagram if you’d like to share the love and like, comment and follow. Remember sharing costs nothing, and supporting small businesses is so important. After purchasing paint for up cycling through lockdown, Fifth Sense will now be my go to for all bath time purchases! Will you be treating yourself to some Monday me time? 

Fifth Sense Modbury Instagram

Fifth Sense Modbury

Lounge perfect Lingerie from Panache.

Okay so let’s start by saying it’s been a little while hasn’t it! Why? There’s been a lot going on, a lot of change and honestly my anxiety has been high, my focus hasn’t been here, and my heart for writing has just been put aside. But now with everything in place and everything a lot more clear, with a new job, and a new plan, I’m ready! I feel like I need to write again, and what do I love writing about? Lingerie! And don’t I have some cute ones for you today! 

I was sent these beautiful sets from Panache to show you at the start of lockdown and I’ve made sure that I’ve thoroughly tested them out before sharing with you! So first up all of these sets are PR Samples but all opinions here are my own as always. Secondly all of these sets are perfect for lounging, and if there’s one thing lockdown has taught me, it’s that the power and support of a good Bralette is something not to be underestimated! 

So here they are! The first set I tried was the Lyzy Triangle Bralette, I loved the style of this, so so cute. But I’ll be honest when I first saw the style I wasn’t sure how supportive or how well the coverage would be, but I was pleasantly surprised! As you can see the coverage is great and although the support isn’t what I’d get with an underwired bra it is very good! The only thing I would say is I find the underband tends to roll up, however I get this on every longline bra or Bralette I wear. It’s perfect for evening lounging or those days where you just pop on leggings and a baggy top! This bralette is available from a size 28D-38H. As this is from Panache’s brand Cleo the size range isn’t as great as their main brand bras, it would be great to see an improvement one day so hopefully this is something they’re looking into! As this bra is just so lovely, so comfortable and with a clasp back, no underwire and fully adjustable straps it’s a real beauty. I wear a 36H and it’s a great fit.

The matching briefs are super cute and really really comfortable! They are great for underneath any outfit with no VPL, and elasticated waist band so no slipping! The briefs are available from a size 8-18 and I wear a size 18 which is a lovely fit. This set is available in this colour which is the Black or Khaki/Wine.

Next up a bra that’s perfect for lounging, yep that’s right, a bra. Underwire and comfort? Yep you got it! Say hello to Olivia, she’s a beauty, and a real support. This bra is a perfect everyday essential, great for under any outfit and with the smooth three part cups, and beautiful floral stretch lace detail it’ll keep you secure and comfortable all day! Olivia is available from a size 30D to a 38K so a good cup range, however if you love Panache and the sizes aren’t quite in your range Panache’s sister brand Sculptressse has a great range of larger back sized bras that have the same quality and similar beautiful styles. I wear a 36H and again really true to size. This set is available in the Black and Honey colour. The briefs for this set are also really lovely, with a mid-rise style, really smooth and comfortable and available from a size 8-20. I again wear the size 18 and they’re a great fit. This set is really gorgeous and is one that I go to for everyday wear!

And lastly but certainly not least is the beautiful Andorra set. Again another Bralette that I was a little unsure of how good it would be but oh my, the support she has is fabulous! I love the colour of this set and how cute and pretty the lace fabric is all over. This set is available in the Blush, Blue or Black and is available in a size 28D to a 40J a great size range for the fuller bust. And the briefs are available in a short style or thong style, mine are the short style and are a lovely fit and super comfy. The four cup lace lined bottom cup and power mesh provide a great structure and incredible support. I’m wearing again a 36H in the bra and a size 18 briefs and they’re true to size, again my only issue I have is that the under band rolls but again I think I have this issue with every Bralette!

So there we have it! Three stunning lounge perfect sets that are fabulously comfy for every day! As always I’ve linked the sets below, but tell me what’s your favourite Panache set? Let me know in the comments! X

Panache Lyzy Triangle

Panache Olivia Balconette Bra

Panache Andorra