The Ultimate run support.

This week was a pretty good week, pretty productive, a bit like any other week but also for me it was a week of personal achievement. Achievement? In what way? Well she did it! She only went and took herself for a run didn’t she? Yep that she, that’s me! After months and months of battling with my anxiety after being fat shamed running in my local area last year, I said no more. And I ran. Not a care in the world just one foot, two foot off she goes! And honestly it was the biggest weight off my shoulders. I’ve been holding on to the anxiety of running for long, the worry someone will stare, laugh, or like last time shout abuse at me. But not this time, nothing. No one cared that this wobbly babe was trying her best to run a mile. The feeling of your heart pumping, the wind through your hair, the self motivational talks in your head to keep going. This I missed. But I am no longer all the gear and no idea, this girl now has an idea. And she has new gear.

A few months ago I was very kindly gifted the ultimate run bra from Shock absorber UK, however due to my lack of running I haven’t written a review. How can I review something that I haven’t put to the test? So after a good couple of runs she’s ready to be talked about.

When it comes to fuller bust support in the sports bra department, it needs to be 100%. With a sports bra there’s no give or take on performance to hold or fit I think. For full potential everything needs to sit right. And this did not disappoint.

So first off the support and structure. Let’s talk about how this one differs to most sports bras I’ve ever tried. So firstly I love the low clasp back, it gives a really good shape and looks good with all the gear. What I really love about the bra is that there’s a hook adjustment for the straps rather than your typical slider, giving you extra lift, more comfort and great support when you clasp together the J hook. The bra is non-padded but the fabric is really quite thick, no nips on show and very firm, but comfortable on skin.

I received mine in the winter blue/cranberry splash colour, which I love! But it’s also available in a summer blue, white or black. The size range for this bra is also pretty good from a 30A-38G however it would be great if this could be expanded in the future as the support really is there. If you’ve got more of a fuller bust you could choose to sister size. For this, I sister sized to 38G (usual size a 36H) I do usually find Shock absorber tend to run a little small on the back with me, so I’m glad I upped the band size. The fit was really good, giving a lovely shape.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the bounce resistance and the overall structure and support of this bra. With minimal movement whist taking on a long run. Also with the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric it makes it durable as well as great for long sweaty runs! And the best part? It’s machine washable! No more hand washing and waiting days to dry. So you can keep running as much as you please.

Currently this bra is available from many retailers including Debenhams, Bravissimo and Figleaves. I’ve popped the link below if you’d like to purchase from Figleaves.

Shock Absorber Ultimate run bra

What’s your go to gear for running? Have you taken up a run challenge this year, if so I’d love to know how you’re getting on! Let me know in the comments x

Wake me up when September ends.

September, you’ve been a funny old month haven’t you? I’m not sure if it’s just me but I feel it’s been a month of uncertainty, a month full of reflection and if I’m honest, exhaustion and emotions. It’s felt long but at the same time I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s flown by.

Most people feel as though September is a fresh start for new beginnings, it is the January of fashion after all! And for us it was. Parker started school, and it was a big move. A new school year is a massive step at any age but starting school and leaving the comfort of nursery and the staff we were so close to, it was hard. Having a child starting school at any time is hard, let alone having a child with an invisible illness. There’s so many things you want the school to get right and then there’s the worry over medications, the being careful for coughs and colds. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my anxiety has been through the roof. But as September draws to a close I feel a weight has been lifted. He’s settled in so wonderfully, made so many close friends. It’s like he’s been there forever and the school have also been so wonderful.

September has been a month of reflection for me. I wanted to achieve so much this year, and although I feel I have in some areas I wish I’d have pushed myself harder to focus on others, and really focus on me, and stick to my goals. Especially with my blog. I love writing and sometimes I wish I could write full time, but it’s not a reality. I just wish I’d put myself first, take the time once a week to focus on writing. See it as a pleasure, not a pressure. My stats, my readers they grow each year! I’m so very blessed that this hobby is blossoming, I just sometimes compare. I compare myself to other bloggers, to other people on social media, it’s difficult not to focus on the numbers. And although I’m growing sometimes I wonder whether I am quick enough? Whether it’s worth it? Whether I’m actually benefitting anyone by writing and by telling my opinions and stories. But then I remember why I started this blog. For me. As my own diary as my own hobby. So as long as I’m confident and happy with each piece, it shouldn’t matter.

And let’s talk about Septembers weather? What on Earth is up with that?!? Coat on, hoods up tipping it down and by lunch it’s time to get the sandals back on! I’ve loved summer, although not having a proper summer holiday away has made it feel a little strange. Not having a full week off work makes it feel like summer was a little long, but we had so many lovely long weekends away, memories made and happy times. And if I’m honest this bit in between Summer and proper Autumn is not my cup of tea. You can’t get in a bikini, but you can’t wrap up and sing Christmas carols? So if I’m honest I’m just so ready to wake up with that chill in the air. Putting the boots and scarf on and just wrapping up for the day.

So how am I turning this month around? We’ve got two days left and I’ve decided to focus on my goals. Try and let go of the negatives, focus on what went so well this month. And focus on the things I want to achieve by the end of this year. Firstly, I want to move more, more long walks, more running. I started running again Friday and it felt so empowering. It was so good and I really have missed it. Finally saying no to the anxiety that’s been holding me back has been amazing. I want to write more, I mentioned months ago about ‘The fitting room featuring’ blogs and I loved writing it! And I really wanted to make more, coats, jeans, even skirts or boots featuring! I want to talk more about what I’m loving on our local high street right now. Also sustainable fashion, I feel it’s definitely not just a ‘trend’ it’s something we all need to be conscious of. So I want to focus on items that are perfect for all year round, year after year. That are timeless.

It may be September but I also want to start something new, it’s never too late for fresh starts is it? From October we’re hoping to start Parker in swimming lessons, he’s a little fish in water and I really want him to build his skills up! And with Paul having rugby, I really want a new hobby, a new once a week activity, as well as running. And actually I’ve been really interested in Zumba! There’s a local class that runs once a week but I’m a little anxious? I don’t actually know anyone who goes and I’ve never tried it. But I’d love to! Do you Zumba? Or have you tried it? Please let me know I’d love to know what you think!

So as we draw to the last chapter of this year, I want to turn it around. Let’s say goodbye to September and start October off full of positivity, full of goals and full of new adventures. I hope me rambling on in this blog actually makes sense, and if September also hasn’t been for you know October is just on the horizon. Also October has Halloween and I think most of you know just how much I love a pumpkin patch! 2019 will be my year, I just need to remember that all trees blossom just not all at the same time.

Push up perfection in Wonderbra

Bras, brassieres, over the shoulder boulder holders, what ever you like to call them I’ve reviewed a few, and I love them! So what are we looking for in a bra? Comfort, support, shape? Or something a little more va va voom? Are we looking for that push up perfection? That cleavage booster? That set that makes you want to dance around in your pants all day, but also slay all day, as no one knows what’s underneath? Every bra I believe has a different occasion and a different use. Going out? Deep plunge, or something a little saucy! Comfort day to day? A good t-shirt bra or sheer full cup. But what about something a little more fancy? Well I think I may have just found that set.

I thought I’d bring you something new to the blog tonight, a brand that I’ve actually never tried before! And a style that I don’t think I’ve ever tried, along with a different size range that I’m used to.

This brand actually is a fuller bust brand but not in terms of plus size bras. I’m actually the biggest size in its range, so if you’re in the size bracket of a 30DD to a 38G keep reading, and for my other babes bigger than a 38G there’ll be something for you again soon on the blog I promise!

So let’s introduce her! It’s the Wonderbra refined glamour balconette bra gifted from the babes at Wonderbra. And it doesn’t lie, glamorous and pretty wonderful. Let’s talk about the most obvious point of this bra, that shelf lift. My goodness that is a lift. Push up perfection and for someone who’s boobs have been pulled by gravity and breastfeeding, it has worked wonders!

The style, I love a balconette. Personally I’ve never had one so padded, it’s got quite a firm shape to it. It obviously makes the girls look unreal but personally for me it’s not a bra I’d wear for a trip to the park running after little one! I had to sister size for this one, usually I’m a 36H but as this only goes to a G cup I opted for my sister size, a 38G. The cups fitted great but the back was a little loose, and I do like thicker straps for extra support.

The briefs were also a little smaller due to the size range. As this style only offers briefs up to a size XL which works out as an 18, where as usually I’d size up to a 20 for comfort. However due to coverage on the brief I styled them in a high rise style for comfort. Although you could wear them lower for a shorts brief look.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality, the over all fit and the beautiful style of this set. For a night out or a saucy night in this set definitely made me feel glamorous as the name!

Wonderbra are stocked at so many stores online, but I’ve linked it to one of my favourites – Figleaves. The link is below if you like to treat yourself or just have a browse.

Will you be feeling glamorous in Wonderbra? Have you tried Wonderbra yet? What do you think? I’d love to know in the comments!

Wonderbra refined glamour balconette bra.

Wonderbra refined glamour shorty.

Swimsuit at the ready, all year round.

Hello September, the darker evenings, the chill in the air and of course saying goodbye to that summer sun. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it, I actually cannot wait for Autumn. But I will miss sea swimming, feeling the sun on the sand and sunbathing in a bikini. I’ve blogged a lot this summer about all my favourite bikinis, but today I’m going to bring you a swimsuit to the blog that is perfect for all year round.

The Portofino Swimsuit from Panache. I was very kindly gifted this swimsuit in return for a review, and it hasn’t disappointed. First off I’m totally feeling the Karen Wheeler pool side vibes from Stranger things. Her 80’s style and sass. This swimsuit gives me all the vintage vibes!

Next the colour, it’s available in Denim/Ivory as I’ve received mine or in Navy/Ivory for a more nautical look. It is available on Panache’s site from a size 30F to a 40J. A really great size range and perfect for every body.

So what did I think? The structure of this swimsuit is the best I’ve ever had in a one piece, with build in non-padded cups and adjustable straps. If you’ve ever had a Panache or Sculptresse bra it’s very similar in support and fit. Which I’ve always found one of the best. The quality is always so good and my Panache swimwear and underwear holds its shape and structure so well, even after wash after wash.

I love the details on this swimsuit. The retro style belt and the Ivory trim details. The coverage is also really great and this really is a great swimsuit for all year round. Especially for at the pool for swimming lengths and not worrying about any spillage or taking little one swimming and splashing, no worries there either. And the back? A lovely cut out detail with a good amount of bum coverage, so no cheeky mishaps from behind either! And if the swimsuit isn’t your cup of tea, this style is also available in a two piece.

This is definitely a swimsuit that I’ll be using all Autumn, it’s so comfortable and very stylish. Just pass me a martini and some heels for a night pool party! Or it’s perfect for hair up let’s crack on with a swim workout. Whatever the weather it’s perfect for every occasion. And as Autumn draws closer we’ll be spending more weekends at our local indoor pool, which means this Panache Portofino will be too!

As always I’ve linked the swimsuit below if you fancy a browse, or a cheeky end of summer purchase! Have you tried Panache? Will you be getting your swimsuit on this Autumn? X

Panache Portofino Swimsuit

Time for a chop and change!

The hair cut. I’ve talked about it before on here how much I procrastinate with the dreaded mop chop. In fact the last time I had my locks cut was back in October when, chop chop, 12 inches came off! And I donated my hair to the wonderful charity, ‘The little princess trust’.

Since October have I been to a salon? Nope. Have I cut at home? Definitely not! So when the lovely Cameron from Nichares hair salon in Taunton contacted me to say he’d love to treat my hair to a cheeky cut and colour I was thrilled, all be it a little nervous!

I’d glanced over their Instagram and Facebook and saw the magic they created, and all the nerves blew away. I met up with Cameron before hand for a consultation, to go over what I wanted, and what he thought would work, as well for that all important patch test for dying. I felt so at ease it was so wonderful, and that’s when the excitement kicked in!

I knew I had an event in London the following weekend so Cameron managed to fit me in on a busy Saturday afternoon. I arrived and was welcomed with choice of beverage, I opted for water as it was a scorcher of a day in Taunton! Next he talked me through the colour and the process, he was going to apply a free hand balayage technique, the traditional way as the French intended.

So much time, precision and talent was applied to my hair, ensuring a natural overall look. Once Cameron had finished applying the lightener, it was time to wait and have a scroll on insta, a good chat with the team and after some me time it was ready to rinse. After the excess from the highlights were rinsed out it was time for the toner, just to soften the colour. With head in the basin for twenty minutes I had the most delightful back massage from the special massage chairs they have there. No crooked neck pain as they lay you right back and you can relax.

Next another rinse and a wonderful head massage from the lovely Cameron. Ultimate relaxation. Next, after a quick blow dry, the bit I was most anxious about, the cut! A little trim and re-shape was actually just what I needed and perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn. I love how so little was taken off but my hair instantly looked healthier. A quick style with some curling tongs and my locks were looking fabulous!

After a few pictures for the gram, with the most instagrammable wallpaper behind, I was done. My hair felt amazing. There’s always that moment when the stylist always asks do you like it, and every time I say ‘Oh yeah I like it…’ just to be polite. When secretly I want to cry. But this time I had none of that, I genuinely felt amazing. Honestly I’ve never had a hair cut with so much attention to detail and care. I’ve been yet to find a salon to stick to where I feel at ease booking and going in for the afternoon but now Nichares will be my go to. The team were all so lovely and friendly and so down to earth. And you could really tell how much they loved engaging with each and every customer. This time I’ll be good and actually stick to what the stylist says, and although this visit was complimentary, I will be back in 8-12 weeks for a trim as I’m trying to grow my hair long again.

I walked out of Nichares feeling incredible, full of sass and ready to take on the weekend. Nichares caters for a wide range of customers, from children, to the more mature lady and even men’s cuts. They also have a nail technician for if you want the ultimate pamper! Are you Taunton or Somerset based and still looking for a salon or stylist that you want to return to, again and again? Then I’ve linked Nichares Instagram, Facebook and website below, where you can find all the information you need to book your own transformation. So for now, I’m going to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine with my lovely new locks.

Nichares Instagram

Nichares Facebook

Nichares website.

Bikini at the ready for Bank holiday beaching!

It’s here, the last bank holiday of the summer! And my goodness babes does anyone else feel like they need it? Like I really need it! And with the sun forecast to make an appearance and make it a real scorcher, I can’t wait! BBQ’s and beaching. Yep that’s the plan. Three whole wonderful days of it! You also probably all know by now I have a one true love for the seaside. The sea holds my heart, as well as the rest of me when I like to take a good plunge!

So as I’m not quite one for skinny dipping in public, I needed a two piece to hold the girls whilst looking fabulous for those deep sea dips! And today’s fabulous two piece on the blog is the beautiful Anya Bandeau bikini from Panache. I’ve mentioned before on the blog my love for Panache and their fuller bust brand Sculptresse. The quality and the fit that Panache offers is honestly one of a the best, especially when it comes to swimwear. With support that I could only dream of being made a reality.

Right, so the Anya bikini? She did not disappoint. Firstly a gorgeous emerald colour, it’s really beautiful on any skin tone and adds a pop of colour. For me, it’s also all about the detail. I received the bottoms in a size 18 and the fit was great. They run for a size 8-18. I love the detail on the briefs, enough coverage to make you feel comfortable running about, but the strap detail just add that extra layer of sexiness and sass!

Next the bandeau bikini top, incredible support and a great fit. I received mine in a size 36H and it was very true to size. This bikini top runs from a size 30DD to a 38H. With this I love that because the support is so good on this bikini that taking the straps off even at a H cup is still no problem. The girls were going no where! It really is a gorgeous top and the whole style is just fabulous. It’s one of those bikinis where you put it on and instantly feel the confidence boost. The ‘va va voom’ effect I like to say!

So with the three day bank holiday weekend set to be scorcher, why don’t you say yes to that bikini! Treat yourself and your body. Put that bikini on and celebrate a summer of self love, after all every body is bikini body ready!

As always I’ve linked the bikini set below if you fancy treating yourself to Anya, or if you just fancy a cheeky browse! Let me know what you think in the comments below, are you a little ‘green with envy’ over Anya? Okay forget the pun, but if you love it as much as I do, let me know! X

Panache Anya Bandeau Bikini

If you like Pina Colada’s, and getting caught in The Cosy Club!

Mojito or prosecco, Pina Colada or a gin fizz, you name it, I’m sure I’ll enjoy a cheeky glass of it. Cocktail or mocktail, soda or sangria, whether its a girls night or date night there’s one place I will go time after time in Taunton, for a wind down and a catch up, and that is The Cosy Club.

And a couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to join a bloggers cocktail masterclass at our local Cosy Club. I wanted to write this blog sooner but as you may have seen from Instagram, we’ve been a little kitten busy!

So, I’ve been many a time to Taunton’s Cosy Club, for tapas, superfood salads and for delicious cocktails and mocktails. But a masterclass on how to make my favourites? This was going to be a treat!

So when I was invited I couldn’t wait to attend. I invited my lovely friend Tara to be my plus one, and so off we went, after work for a midweek treat at The Cosy Club. The event was being held down stairs in ‘The Den’ a private room with a lot of space, a private bar and the most instagramable decor.

I love the overall vibe of The Cosy Club, the interiors, the lighting, the music. All so inviting, all so relaxing. So we started the evening off with a cheeky arrival drink, my favourite, a little bit of fizz! But with a twist, and a magical glitter touch. It was delightful. As the other lovely bloggers arrived, our charming bar tender for the night, Rhys, made sure nothing was too much trouble! From answering all questions, to making sure we were all okay and giving us his history with The Cosy Club and his love of hosting masterclasses! So the challenging part for him? Making us all into professional cocktail makers in the space of two hours. Did he succeed? Well…

We all took it in turns creating masterpieces starting with the shaken not stirred Pina Colada full of flavour and actually vegan! Using a coconut cream and a lot of shaking power, to create a frothy finish. Topped off with the classic cherry on top, they were delicious! Next we created my actual favourite cocktail, the Mojito. Full of zesty lime, spicy rum and finished with a clap of mint! A clap? Rhys taught us how clapping the mint actually releases the flavour and the aroma. And my goodness it was good! For this one I made Tara a mocktail version and honestly it was just as delicious, so full of flavour and so beautifully presented.

As the night mingled on we chatted, we laughed and we noticed what looked like plastic straws, which we began to question. However Rhys soon pointed out on the back of the drinks menu that the straws are actually made from a natural starch, meaning they are biodegradable, which was great to hear. As the sipping of drinks carried on we were soon ready to be seated for a delicious array of tapas.

There were plenty of vegan and gluten free options available with a cheeky red flag notifying us of which ones they were. The hosts for the night were also really informative. Being lactose intolerant can sometimes make eating out a little difficult, but the knowledge of the ingredients that the hosts had were amazing. And they told me with confidence what I could and couldn’t have. Which was great as usually I’d have played it safe and stuck to just the vegan options. I can safely say I will be returning just for the homemade scotch egg, with a crispy outside and a runny yolk, they were unreal!

It was a really lovely evening and as the night drew to a close I can honestly say it was such a ‘cosy’ night. After telling all the other girls at work how much fun we had I think another one will definitely be on the cards!

At just £29.95 per person for a cocktail masterclass with a selection of three cocktails, or just £39.95 to have the cocktails and a tapas selection we’ll definitely be back for more fun! I love that for the masterclasses you can have the whole den to your party and keep that small group intamacy with only a six people minimum booking.

I feel it’s an activity most will enjoy, even if you’re all designated drivers and opt for a mocktail masterclass! The den is also a great room for parties and private events, used often for birthday parties and even corporate meetings.

I will be returning to The Cosy Club very soon for a cheeky Friday night tapas date night, it’s one of our favourites locally! Have you tried The Cosy Club? Are you local to Taunton and looking for something a little more cosy? I’ve linked the Cosy Clubs main page and booking page below if you’d like to take a look and maybe even book a cheeky tapas table too! Will you be drinking Pina Coladas and getting caught in The Cosy Club…

Book your spot at The Cosy Club!